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April 2011



Things On My Mind

1. This one is for all the people I know who feel the same way I do about having kids:

Dear Sugar….

Wow never have I related more to an advice column question! I guess for some ppl we’ll never get that “feeling”…

2. Kind of find it funny that people are still talking about Obama not being a citizen when there is much more compelling evidence that this might be true:

Sarah Palin Being Pregnant With Trig Was Probably A Hoax

I already knew Sarah was a nutcase but this is like something out of Desperate Housewives (which is a totally ridiculous show!). And to imagine, she was an actual candidate for VP of the United States…scary isn’t it?

3. Doesn’t it feel like everything is dangerous nowadays? Now milk is even bad for you:

The Thing About Dairy

I’ve decided that it’s good to be aware of stuff like this but I’m not going to cut everything out of my life. Moderation is key!

4. I was going to have more things on my mind but I’m on an impromptu trip to Oklahoma and I decided to not bring my laptop and just carry my new iPad (which is AMAZING btw) and ive quickly realized that the wordpress app sucks on here and while surfing the web is much more fun on the iPad, typing is not!


Comment from che
Posted: April 26, 2011 at 6:51 am

deciding to have a child is huge! i didn’t read the full response of the post but i could say that although i LOVE having my daughter, there are times where i miss my “old life” and the freedom i had. when having a child, you need to be ready to devote most of your time to them and schedule your life around them! but at the same time, when is anyone ever ready for that?