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Archive for category Finance/Hot Deals

A Review Of Our Magical Trip To Miraval Resort And Spa

As many of you know, I started travel hacking awhile ago and because of this, I have been on adventures and received perks that I never imagined I would get to have! I wanted to blog about one of my favorite trips I have EVER been on but also my best travel hacking redemption to […]

Buying A House With Redfin

Yup…we did it. We bought our house with the website Redfin is basically a relatively new website that displays houses for sale online (includes pictures and all of the specs) and even assigns you a real estate agent that will help you close on a home. One thing I learned while buying a house […]

Hot Deals

I’m an avid hot deals shopper…nothing like my sister and brother but now that I am buying so much stuff I have been especially on the lookout for good deals. Here are some that I’ve come across: belkin energy saving surge protector with remote! – $20.99; Shipping is an extra 8 bucks but if you […]

Black Friday Deals

If you don’t want to sift through all of the Black Friday deals….here are a few links that do it for you The Dealnew Guide to the Best Black Friday Deals Top 15 Black Friday tech deals Rating the Black Friday Laptop Doorbuster Deals And don’t forget the Amazon Black Friday deals have already started: […]

Free Gogo WiFi At Airports & Airlines

I’m sure everybody has heard by now that Google is footing the bill so that 47 airports will get free Gogo wifi from now until January 15th. That’s nice but LAX is not on there so it doesn’t really affect me! Luckily I have an iPhone so I’m ok at the airport. It’s the actual […]

Map Of Power Plugs And Sockets Around The World

If you travel a lot, this is a very handy diagram to bookmark. It shows you the different power plugs and sockets from around the world. You can view a bigger version here. And if you’re looking to buy some plug adapters….here is a hot deal for a 3 piece set for 15.99!

Free VIP Membership With Zappos

From now until November 1st, Zappos is offering free VIP membership for anyone who signs up through this link. With VIP membership it means you can get free overnight shipping with every order!! And of course returns are always free. I just had to share with all of the shoe lovers out there like me! […]

$1 Oatmeal At Jamba Juice Is Back

In case you haven’t heard, Jamba Juice is bringing their oatmeal for a buck back! Just go here to print out the coupon. It lasts all through March! – steel cut – made with organic oats – topped with fruit and brown sugar crumble – SO SO YUMMY!! Did I convince you yet? Go here […]

Free Food

Oops I forgot to blog about the free tacos from Jack In The Box yesterday but hopefully some of you guys got in on it! BUT I have another deal, and one that is even better in my opinion! It’s the free quiznos sub deal! Just go here to sign up. They’ll send you an […]

How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

I started reading this new blog recently called I Will Teach You How To Be Rich. Every day he posts a way to save a small amount of money. Over time, all of this money you’ve saved should start to add up. Most of the things he posts about I already do/know but I thought […]