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February 2018
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2018: The Year of the Declutter

Decluttering has been on my mind for years. I have been slowly chiseling away at my mountain of stuff since I first heard and read about The Konmari Method. I did a 1 month declutter challenge (made it over half way through but got stuck somewhere and never finished). I started doing a capsule wardrobe […]

Geekifying My Kids

Even though I am not a hardcore Star Wars fan, I enjoy the movies. It is definitely one of the more memorable movies from my childhood. And of course I love all of the robots that are in the movies! We introduced Star Wars to Emma awhile ago and she seemed to really like it. […]

A Life Changing Tumbler

Sometimes you come across a product that is a small change in your life but makes it so much better! This is one of those products :) A few months back my sister posted on FB if anyone wanted to buy a Yeti-like tumbler that was part of a fundraiser for my nephew’s school. Being […]

Easy Iced Coffee

I’ve had this iced coffee recipe by The Pioneer Woman bookmarked forever but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I finally tried it out! If you love iced coffee, you have to make it this way…It’s SO easy and seriously tasty. It’s made even easier if you have one of these (Amazon link) […]

Girlrobot Loves No. 1

Starting a new series on here…my current faves! 1. Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Oils – I got a set of black and white truffle oils through a Groupon deal. I’ve been putting this stuff on everything and it’s SO good. Just putting it on my eggs brings it to another level. I’ve also been drizzling it […]

Upcoming Movies

I’m at home sick today so I’ve been catching up on my movie trailers. Two that really interest me:

iPhone Apps

Man, I’m in a complete blogging funk. I haven’t updated any of my blogs in ages…I hope I get my blogging mojo back….because I have so much to share! Anyways, I wanted to do an update on my favorite iPhone apps since people are always asking me about them (I do have an insane amount […]

Vote For Me

I’m having a hard time finding good movies on Netflix streaming. Does anyone have any recommendations? My sister and her husband told me about this documentary called Vote For Me. If you love documentaries I highly recommend this. I would rank it #2 in my favorite documentaries of all time. (#1 is Spellbound). I LOVED […]


Are you on google+ yet? Follow me! I’ll be sharing links on there that don’t make it to And at the rate I’ve been updating this website…it should be a lot more entertaining :P If you’d like an invite, leave a comment or email me. So far I’m not really sure how I like […]

My Youtube Obsession

Things have finally quieted around a bit around here. For the past month I have been so busy with family obligations including having ALL of my family over at my house at the same time. In case you don’t know that includes my 2 parents, my brother, my sister and her husband, and my oldest […]