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Emma’s 7th Year Birthday Questions

I think every year Emma grows older, I am shocked that I have a (fill in the age) year old. I can sort of feel her independence growing every year and even though it fills me with immense sadness, I love seeing the person she is growing into. I still remember when I was her […]

My Whole30 Experience And My Lazy Recommendations

I finally bit the bullet and attempted my first ever Whole30 this past month. In case you don’t know what it is, it is not a diet but more of a month long detox of 4 simple food groups. I was very intimidated to do this because to be honest, I rarely cook anymore and […]

Happy 37th Birthday To Me

It’s so crazy to think in 3 years I’m going to be turning 40. That sounds so super old. It’s hard to imagine I’m at this point in my life where I am married, own a house, and have 2 kids!!!! When did all of this happen? I still feel like a kid most of […]

2.5 Month Update On Emma

I should really be keeping track of Emma’s milestones more…she’s growing up so fast! I am both anxious to get the baby stage over but also sad. She is so fun to cuddle with right now and I know I will miss it but I really miss being able to go out too! So just […]

My Birth Story

I figured I better write this down before I forget all of the details. To be honest, my birth story is actually quite boring and run of the mill (which is a good thing!). I will try to touch on some of the details that were surprising to me that noone really talks about…so sorry […]

Sad Amazon Review

I was reading reviews for the Family Feud Wii Game (it’s a hot deal at $15!) and I came across this warning entitled “Good game but beware!”: I have a 7 yr old son who LOVES this game and is too happy to play it for hours. The questions are challenging (at times) for an […]

Window Farms – Gardens For Apts!

One of my readers, Lori, emailed me recently about a project she is a part of called Window Farms. She asked if I wouldn’t mind blogging about it or making it a friday link and after reading more about it, I just had to make a blog post about it because I think it’s a […]

How To Turn A Cheap Steak Into A Prime Steak

You know around here we just LOVE a good steak. Well, I just read an easy method by The Steamy Kitchen blog that shows us how to make any cheap ol steak better by just adding salt (kosher or sea)! Basically the gist is to cover your steak completely with salt for 15 minutes to […]

Days With My Father

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Free Customized Luggage Tags

Get your own free customized luggage tags here. All you do is upload your own picture! Shipping is also free and no credit card is required. I haven’t received mine yet so I can’t confirm the quality or anything but you really can’t beat free right? I ended up using my picture from Peru with […]