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November 2012



Halloween Recap

Did you ever watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween video last year? The one where he had parents tell their kids that they ate all of their halloween candy and to film their reactions? Well he did it again this year and the video is just as funny!

Those kids at the end just kill me with their sweetness. Especially that little girl at the end!!! SO CUTE!!!

Anyways, speaking of cute..we just celebrated Emma’s first Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I just LOVE decorating for Halloween.

Look at my homemade, creepy wreath!


Our carved pumpkins. Emma requested Hello Kitty! :)



We have started throwing a Halloween party every year where our friends come over and we eat and watch scary movies! This year we had a hot dog/nacho bar. I also made these jello eyeball shots!


Fun stuff.

We took Emma to a pumpkin patch and took some pictures of her in her pumpkin costume.

She cracks me up. She couldn’t get over her legs in those tights. I think she was wondering why her legs were now orange and black. She couldn’t stop looking at them!


A lot of you have seen this picture where she’s making a stink eye face. Well here is the same picture but her all smiley :)


And now for her official Halloween costume! I know there are only a few years where I’ll have complete control over her costume so I really wanted it to be unique and/or homemade. I also knew I wanted her to wear a wig. So I came up with this!

Emma as Hermione Granger and her muggle parents:

Up close

You can barely see it but she is wearing a cape which was handmade by me and also a scarf that I knitted for her. So glad I got to put some personal touches on her costume! Every time I look back at her Halloween pictures I totally crack up. Mission accomplished. I know one day she’ll look back on these pictures and also laugh. Or just think how mean we are to dress her up for our own amusement. :)

For the actual Halloween day, we put her back in the pumpkin costume since it was much warmer and I didn’t know if she would stand wearing that wig for more than a few minutes hehe. Even though Emma is too young to go trick-or-treating, we still took her out with her cousins. Her look in these pictures also crack me up!

Emma looks like all she wants to do is chew on Xander’s hand (she loves to chew on hands!!)

Here she is thinking “I’m a big deal…”

I so can’t wait for next year when she will be 1.5 years old and fully walking. If we have this much fun with her when she’s a baby…I can only imagine what next year will be like! These are the moments that make being a parent so exciting for me. I love creating these memories with her. :)


Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: November 6, 2012 at 11:40 pm

Goddamn that’s a cute kid. And I know a thing or two about cute kids…

Comment from Sheyl
Posted: August 14, 2014 at 2:37 pm

How did you make the eyeball jello shots?
can you post the recipe?
thank you!

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: September 5, 2014 at 9:39 pm

Hi Sheryl! I used this recipe: