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February 2018



Things I Am Loving

Just a few things I am obsessing over right now and you should be too:

The Greatest Showman movie. Yes…if you are close to me you you are probably sick of me raving about this movie. I watched it TWICE in the theaters. I hardly watch anything twice let alone twice in the movie theaters!!! I just LOVE how this movie takes me away to another time and the message of the movie. The soundtrack is amazing. I also bought that and listen to it a million times a day. This movie is definitely in my top 5 movies ever :)

Classpass (click here to get $40 off your first month!). Anyone who knows me knows I have such a hard time sticking with a workout routine. I lose interest fast. I get lazy fast! Who knew Classpass was the answer for me! You pay a monthly fee and you get to try out all of these different classes! I’ve done yoga, pilates, TRX, kickboxing, and even a very embarrassing flexibility class where apparently everyone else in the class was some kind of pro dancer LOL. It was still fun though! I’m addicted to trying everything and hopefully I’m getting stronger/healthier by the class!

My air fryer. You might think this is another gimmicky food gadget but I have never cooked so much in my life! I got it on a hot deal for Black Friday and I LOVE it. Things I’ve made in it: all the frozen foods, steaks, hamburgers, chicken wings, ribs, bacon, hash browns, eggs, salmon, french fries, and a variety of vegetables. The cleanup is a breeze (Cleaning is probably my #1 reason to not cook so when I say it’s a breeze I really mean it!) and everything cooks up faster than if I were to do it in the oven. And did I mention the crispyness? It’s unreal that I am making all of these crunchy things and either not using any oil or just a tiny spray. It’s amazing !!!!