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Archive for category Cool Links

Minimalist Desktop Wallpapers

I love these wallpapers! I used this giraffe one for my computer at work and it seriously puts a smile on my face every time I see it!

Best Wedding Proposal Ever

I know I’ve posted cool wedding proposals before but I promise…this one tops them all. SO AMAZING. A little background: The video is shot by Michael Justin Films for a guy named John proposing to his gf. It tells the story of his unlucky life and how he became the luckiest man after meeting his […]

Friday Links

Wow…I finally remembered that it’s Friday! Picture of a golden ray migration – I just can’t imagine seeing this in person. amazing! Which battery brand lasts longest? – turns out they are all pretty much the same….i guess I’ll be buying more rayovacs from now on 10 safest cities in america from natural disasters – […]

A Video Post

The progression of a line that is traced by 500 people where each person can only see the line drawn by the person before them. Crazy what it ends up looking like! A Sequence of Lines Traced by Five Hundred Individuals from clement valla on Vimeo. Drawing lines to do multiplication. Weird how this works! […]

Todd’s Alerts

If you’re a fan of buying things from Craigslist, you will love this site: Todd’s Alerts I remember when I was looking for things for my wedding or even furniture for my house, I would constantly visit Craigslist and hit refresh hoping to score an awesome deal. Many times if I wasn’t fast enough, the […]

Why Your State Sucks

This funny map shows what each state is worst at: Scary to think my state CA has the WORST air pollution :( And my home state of Oklahoma has the most female criminals which isn’t so bad but they are also tied with Alabama as having the highest rate of strokes (my dad had a […]

Need Advice? Check Out Dear Sugar

Just wanted to highlight another blog I love reading. Actually it’s an advice column that’s funny, poignant, and very well written. I just discovered it a few months ago and I look forward to reading her letter every week! Dear Sugar Some of my favorites: Dear Sugar: How you get unstuck Dear Sugar: Beauty and […]

50 Meals To Eat In 50 States

I love lists. And I especially love FOOD LISTS! I am totally saving this next one I found called 50 Meals to Eat in 50 States Before the Apocalypse Sadly, I have only eaten at ONE of these places and that is Lotus of Siam in Nevada. Which is reallllly good! My top restaurant that […]

still tasty

this website is amazing. i’ve tried it for tons of stuff and it always has an answer. it tells you the shelf life of all of your food and even how to store it. anyone who knows me knows how paranoid and careful i am about food spoilage. i love this website: still tasty

autocorrect always gets me

this website has been making the rounds lately but I thought this one was especially funny! more from damn you, auto correct!