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April 2007



The Grand Canyon Skywalk Ripoff

This story outrages me! If you remember my post about the Grand Canyon Skywalk, I was very excited and looking forward to it! But then I read this disappointing post from a recent visitor to the skywalk and how he got ripped off. Him, as did many other people, figured the price would be $25 from the press release:

Access to The Skywalk will run from dawn to dusk and will cost $25 per person in addition to the cost of a Grand Canyon West entrance package

Guess how much he ends up paying?

We walked in to get the tickets and met a very long line of people waiting to do the same. After 10 minutes of waiting, a “Question Answerer” came by and made it clear why it was taking so long: the sales people had to explain the “packages” and pricing to each and every person in the line. This was not because the package was that complex, but because each person in the line thought they were going to be paying $25 per person. In reality, the tribe was charging another $50 on top of the $25 for each person. You read that right, 75 bucks a pop. The “Question Answerer” explained it to us:

“The investor wants to get his, that’s the $25. But it’s our land, and we don’t get any of that $25, so we have to get ours too, you know?”

The conversations were the same throughout the line. “That’s a load of crap, but, we drove this far, might as well just do it.” And most people did. So did we.

Also, you can’t even bring your cameras onto the skywalk!!!. But in the post, he does admit that the view and experience was very cool and unique. I don’t know if it’s $75 worthy though. If they keep this up, I have a feeling they will lose a lot of customers as more people find out the truth about the pricing. I’ll be waiting for the price to go down or when coupons come out haha.


Comment from suki
Posted: April 10, 2007 at 6:10 pm

Well, that freakin’ sucks. :/ Guess I’m not signing up for that one. Might as well pay for the airplane or helicopter tours.