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LA Late Night Eating Card

If you live in LA, you’ll want to print this card out and keep it handy. 50+ Places for some late night grubbing The ones marked with an asterisk are open 24 hours.

Cute Overload!! MUST SEE!!

This is the cutest video I have ever seen. Promise me you’ll watch it to the end when one otter kisses the other otter’s hand. OTTERS IN LOVE (stolen from grsshnguyen) Can we get a collective *aawwwwww* :)

YouTube Awards

Check out the 2006 YouTube Awards winners Most Creative: OK Go Most Inspirational: Free Hugs Best Series: Ask a Ninja Best Comedy: Smosh Best Music: Terranaomi Best Commentary: The Wine Kone Most Adorable Video: Kiwi! YouTube was probably one of the biggest websites of 2006. I know I wasted a pretty good amount of time […]

New Purchases

I’ve bought myself a few goodies this past week that I’m so excited about!!!! Robot Switchring – It still hasn’t come in the mail yet though :( Tokidoki Fannypack – I’ve been wanting a fanny pack for a LONG TIME. Yes i’m a nerrrrd. But this one is such a cute and trendy one!!! Canon […]

Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth

I hope you guys have been watching Planet Earth, the special by Discovery Channel. It features never before seen shots of rare animals and places around the Earth. Some of the images are SO AMAZING. It looks almost fake! Or it’s hard to believe that it’s part of the same planet that we are living […]

Netflix’s Vacation Policy

When it comes to vacation, Netflix has a simple policy: take as much as you’d like. Just make sure your work is done. The article talks about how companies are changing the way they run by making them more flexible and appealing to young people. It’s interesting because my company has started trying to do […]

Interview #2: One Hour Craft

This is part 2 of a new series I’m starting in which I interview the owner of a interesting blog that’s hot in the blogosphere right now. Mia is the owner of One Hour Craft, a blog filled with tutorials for quick and easy crafts. 1. When and why did you start your blog? I […]

Fridays Are The Slowest Work Day Of The Week

Hopefully this will be a weekly friday thing. Random links to pass the time while you count the minutes til the weekend: Dating Can Suck – bad dating stories Wheel Of Fortune Generator – create your own WofF Board Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion Blueprints – in depth details of the famous haunted house and how […]

The Not So Forever Stamp

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the stamp is going up yet again! But they are offering a new “forever stamp” in which you can buy it for a set price and it will be valid even if the price goes up in the future. In theory, this sounds like a great idea but […]

Grand Canyon Skywalk Is Open

It’s finally open! First visitors step on canyon skywalk