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April 2007



The Geeky Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Moms are becoming more and more tech savvy. I know many who even have their own ipods (which btw, if she doesn’t have one yet you can get her one with a free special message engraved!)! Show your geeky mom your appreciation for her and make her life easier by getting one of these great gadgets for Mother’s Day.

1. Digital Photo Frame – Here’s a techy yet thoughtful gift idea. With all of those digital photos you’ve been taking why not stick a few memorable ones of you and your mom into a digital photo frame?

2. Electronic Shopper – this is a great gift for the busy mom who needs a gadget to help organize her hectic schedule. This handy device has voice recognition and lets your mom keep track of all of the things she needs to remember and you can even stick it on the fridge. Very cool!

3. Dyson Slim – the latest in their line of high end vacuum cleaners. it’s supposed to be as powerful as their other models but this one weighs only 15 lbs!

4. Phone Flasher – Tired of your mom missing your phone calls because she didn’t hear it ring? With this cute leather heart accessory she can attach it to her purse and see when her phone is ringing by the flashing light!

5. Tivoli Fashion Songbook – Functions as an alarm, clock, radio, and iPod speaker and it doesn’t get any cuter than this.

6. Jawbone bluetooth headset – rated as CNETs highest bluetooth headset with incredible noise cancellation technology.

7. Laptop Bag – any mom cool enough to have a laptop deserves a nice bag to carry it in. this list includes the top 10 laptop bags for moms. The ones shown below are Vivier laptop bags.

8. Speaking of carrying cases, how about this cute neoprene case from Photojojo. I like it because it’s not bulky but instead fits nice and snug and will do a great job of protecting your mom’s digicam. It also has a nice loop for attaching to purses, etc.

9. Ice cream maker – This is great for the mom that likes to have every kitchen gadget…why not get an ice cream maker?

10. Also, if your mom likes to cook, why not get a bunch of little kitchen gadgets and throw them into a gift basket? She’ll love having updated, cute tools for her kitchen. Some ideas? A cupcake kitchen timer, Crying Baby Bottle Opener, Dunk Mug, and Onion goggles


Comment from yangbot
Posted: May 2, 2007 at 8:40 am

I saw that ice cream maker in pink at sur la table on sale!!! so cute!

Comment from msdanielle
Posted: May 3, 2007 at 5:39 pm

great post! it’s so hard to buy gifts for the person who gave you life ;) lol