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January 2009



Brain Dump Mondays: Picture Dump

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures and then I never did and now I just have a bunch to post about. These were taken with my iPhone which I love having cuz now I snap random pictures all of the time! I was always too lazy to lug around a real digital camera before.

Some of these have weird photo effects because I was playing around with this app called camerabag so sorry if it looks weird!

I snapped this on my way to work. I absolutely LOVE my drive to work. I’m currently in a pretty small town so there’s NO traffic and I just use cruise control practically the whole way there. With the beautiful scenery (hello ocean view!), it’s a pretty relaxing and peaceful way to start the morning.

This is one of my nephews from when I visited over christmas break. He is the cutest little thing and totally into pajamas right now. I love his matching hat! I had a hard time getting a picture of him though because he refused to stand still! I barely was able to get this one.

While on one of my flights this month, I honestly forget which one…I looked out my window and saw this amazing view of the clouds. I quickly snapped a photo!

One of my flights, I flew first class and had the most AMAZING dining experience ever!!!! This was the dessert, cookie dough ice cream topped with honey crisps on a bed of peach puree. Normally this would be too sweet for me, but for some reason it was sooo delish. I ate the whole thing! The rest of the meal was just as good.

A couple more food pictures…this one is from a korean soontofu place near where we live. I forget the name because it’s in korean. There’s nothing more comforting than eating soontofu on a cold day!

This is from our meal at Breakfast in the Park in Huntington Beach. I like how the restaurant really is in the middle of the park and I love how there’s tons of birds/geese hanging around outside that you can feed. We fed them some of our leftover toast!

This is from a restaurant I go to while I’m in Florida called the Shark Pit. It’s cool because they have a real live shark tank in the restaurant. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a picture of the sharks because they kept swimming by so fast so all you get is this tank. By the way, if you ever eat here the shrimp scampi pizza is divine.

Yes, some of these pictures are very old including this one from when I went shopping at Millenia Mall in Orlando before Christmas. It’s probably the nicest mall they have here. It reminds me of Southcoast Plaza but smaller. Their Forever 21 store is awesome though…for some reason whenever I go there I get some amazing finds.

So those are some of my adventures in the past month! Unfortunately the really cool stuff I’ve been doing I can’t take pictures of.


Comment from che
Posted: January 12, 2009 at 9:02 am

now im hungry, hehe

Comment from Maureen
Posted: January 12, 2009 at 10:53 pm

I, too, absolutely LOVE my iPhone and it has totally changed my life as well….wouldn’t know what to do without it. Your pictures are fun so thanks for sharing :)