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Friday Links

Another 10 bizarre disappearances – if you enjoyed reading this check out part 1 Gaping hole halloween costume – this is the most creative costume i’ve seen in awhile The world’s deadliest spider – It’s been awhile since I had a spider link! A guide to dim sum – dim sum can be such an […]

7 Yr Old David “Feels Funny” After A Trip To The Dentist

This video is so hilarious:

Free Food

Oops I forgot to blog about the free tacos from Jack In The Box yesterday but hopefully some of you guys got in on it! BUT I have another deal, and one that is even better in my opinion! It’s the free quiznos sub deal! Just go here to sign up. They’ll send you an […]

Low-Tech Fixes for High-Tech Problems

This article from The New York Times has some great hacks for fixing “high-tech” problems. My favorites: – keep your cellphone in the fridge (or other cool temp) to slow down the battery draining – if you are running out of ink, run a hair dryer on the ink cartridge for a few minutes – […]

Monday Brain Dump: My Daily Routine

Inspired by the Daily Routines blog. Unfortunately, mine is pretty boring hehe. ~8:15am – alarm goes off ~8:30am – get up, shower, and leave for work ~9:30am – arrive at work. circle around the parking lot a few times looking for a parking spot. ~9:45am – start up my computer and open any applications i […]

Friday Links

Dan Meth’s Trilogy Meter – I agree with most of his ratings! Police use wii to create wanted poster – only in Japan Earth album – I forgot if I posted this before but it’s a mashup of flickr and google maps and lets you explore pictures of the world Layoff Daily – a blog […]

Another Reason To Stop Eating HFCS

We’ve all heard about high fructose corn syrup being bad but now they’ve also found out that it contains mercury! I’ve really been trying to cut back on HFCS, including my beloved COKE, but it’s so hard since that stuff is in almost everything. Check out this list. Yes, I pretty much eat everything off […]

Time/Times Best Blogs

Time just put out a list of the top 25 blogs of 2009. Check out the full list here. My faves from the list: Lifehacker – they offer really great tips for making your life more efficient and simpler Metafilter – you can pretty much find the answer for anything here Official Google blog – […]

Travel Mind Map

Since I just got back from vacation, I still have traveling on the mind. I discovered this cool mind map of things not to forget to pack when you travel. You can download the full version here. It even has an “other” branch that you can add your own unique items to. One thing that […]

Brain Dump Monday: My Vday

I had a really great Valentine’s Day. It started out on friday night when boyrobot surprised me with tickets to my favorite comedian, Demetri Martin!! It was the best show ever. We proceeded to repeat every joke from the show for the rest of the weekend and cracking up. If he’s ever in your town, […]