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January 2009



Friday Links

How a man lost $150K in a Nigerian scam – sigh, when will people learn?
4 in 10 people laugh at bad jokes – I hate when people tell bad jokes…and there’s that awkward silence
Almost unrecognizable – a list of movies stars that don’t look like themselves. tom cruise and robert downey jr in tropic thunder!
Barack Obama’s letter to his daughters – It’s a cool and unique experience but at the same time it sucks they are deprived of a normal childhood and a father really. On the other hand I’m sure they will have opportunities and experiences we can only dream about having!
What you should know before coming to America – some of these are pretty funny (and true!)
Reality Wanted – a listing of every open casting call for the next reality show. I’m always amazed at the new and crazy ideas they keep coming up for reality tv shows.


Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: January 23, 2009 at 3:11 pm

Hahahaha oh man, where to even begin:

1) I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for this tool. Not a drop. Not even a mote. This guy is a genetic stain on humanity. Anyone who is THAT stupid not only doesnt deserve to possess anywhere NEAR $150,000, but should be immediately isolated and liquified, and then his component parts should be sold off to circuit board companies.

In fact, I propose a toast, to his Nigerian benefactors! Here here! To villainy! You earned every goddamned penny of that money, and it is in far better hands than it was.

I mean, the entire last act of the scam didnt even make any sense! Its like the nigerians never even though it could go that far, so they just started making up stuff on the spot! A magic formula to wash off the money and make it legal? How did they deliver that line with a straight face! And then you have Boy Genius saying “Nothing is impossible!”

Funny kid, I bet you thats exactly what the Nigerians were thinking!

I also love i like what finally made him say, “enough.” Not the money washing formula, but the money for the bribe. Yeah. THAT was going too far guys, a bribe? Come on, be realistic. They should have said they needed the money for a magical unicorn that would piss out the cleaning fluid on command! They could have gotten another 50K out of this guy.

They say hes on suicide watch now? Suicide watch? He should be on suicide DEMAND.

2) I need to hang out with these 4 out of 10 people more often.

3) ……Glenn Close was a pirate in HOOK????

4) I would much prefer to see this list in the original Japanese, because I bet its even funnier then they translate it as.

5) How sad that we have to audition for reality these days.

As for the picture, that one single graffito has done more to make me seriously question my atheism than all the angry bible thumpers have in the past 20 years. Take note, Christians of the world.