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Is Oarfish Real Or Fake

When i saw this video I immediately checked Hakushaku’s favorite website Couldn’t find anything on it. So I guess it’s real? It would be so cool to see this thing in real life!

Brain Dump Monday: San Diego Mud Run

I just got done running the San Diego Mud Run!!!! I can’t believe it, but it was sooo much fun. Actually up to the start of the race, all I could think of was “why did I sign up for this????” or “what was I thinking!!!”. Now that I’m done….I’m SO glad I did it! […]

Friday Links

12 Most ridiculous lawsuits – I was going to single out my favorite but they are all pretty funny 45 ways to reduce your grocery bill – the biggest one for me is pricing errors at the register….how many times have I walked out of a store to realize they charged me the wrong price […]

A Note & A Video

This whole week I’ve been sleeping at 2am. It sucks…I am so tired at work. Every day I’m like tonight I’m going to sleep early but it never happens. So just a quick note and a video because I’m too tired to find something cooler to post about! Quick note: I’m so sad to hear […]

Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

Wasn’t I just talking about this? :P Click here for higher quality versions. It looks awesome. Thanks cheryl!

How To Eat Sushi

Wow, I had no idea that I have horrible sushi etiquette. At least according to this article: Are You Sushi Savvy? To sum up the article and all of the things I’ve been doing wrong for YEARS now: 1. don’t eat the ginger piled on top of the sushi. eat it between pieces of raw […]

Extreme Sheep LED Art

This is pretty crazy/cool!

Where The Wild Things Are Movie

I can’t wait for the Where The Wild Things Are movie. When is there going to be a trailer????? To tide us over, they’ve just released some movie stills. It looks pretty cool. I’m glad they have Spike Jonze to direct it! Check out the rest here. I know people have been saying bad things […]

Monday Brain Dump: Vegas!!

Just got back from Vegas and I am soooo tired! As always, it was a lot of fun though. The theme of this year’s trip seems to be FOOD though. I ate so much. Seriously, this week I’m going to have to detox to make up for it! ha, just kidding….I love food too much. […]

Friday Links

A modern love story about a man and his wife turned paraplegic – this is the 2nd paraplegic story i’ve read that made me tear up! The customer is not always right – funny customer service stories The untold story of the world’s biggest diamond heist – i love reading stories like these…it’s like a […]