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March 2009



Friday Links

Koala cools off in tub – the last picture is soooooooo cute
the truth about orange juice – i need to start squeezing my own oj
Totally looks like – here are some of the better ones from…so hilarious
100+ language learning websites – pretty good resource for anyone looking to learn a new language
7 most fascinating hot springs – oooh that hot spring in japan looks pretty crazy
two bloggers meeting THE_REAL_SHAQ – this has to be the coolest story ever about shaq
Dinner with a stranger – this is a pretty cool idea as long as the stranger isn’t some crazy psycho!


Comment from J
Posted: March 6, 2009 at 3:59 pm

Jeez. I don’t trust any food producers anymore.

Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: March 7, 2009 at 8:43 am

Oh great, so what, now I’m not supposed to drink Orange Juice anymore?

I’m sick and tired of this BS. I don’t give have a damn if they really do put battery acid in the orange juice. Either tell me OJ is going to give me cancer or syphillis or the consumption, or I don’t wanna hear it. Of course its made from chemicals. Everything is made from chemicals. My Aunt Jemima butter light syrup has probably never been in the presence of a tree. My hotdogs are made from parts of animals that vultures don’t eat. My beloved entenmann’s raspberry danish twist is probably made up of ground ceramic tiling and spray paint. I don’t care!

I’ve been eating this shit all my life, and I’m relatively healthy, and both cancer and syphillis free. Tropicana OJ tastes good, so the “flavorists” in question are apparently doing their job. I don’t care if their secret flavor ingredient is to have a bunch of fat sweaty turks swim around in the OJ vats. It A) taste good, and B) is not poison.

Those are my only two requirements. So to hell with all this Wholefoods nonsense! Give me my goddamned chemicals!