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October 2009



A Robot Wedding Part 1: The Ceremony

We got our wedding pictures back so now I can finally do a mini wedding recap. I think I’ll have to split them in parts as there is so much to share!

First off, I would just like to say that boyrobot and I worked really hard on our wedding. Probably more than a normal couple should…but I think everything came together nicely and we think people enjoyed themselves so we’ll chalk it up to a success! I was so glad when the day finally came and it was over. BUT It went SO fast that I felt like I barely had time to enjoy anything. :( Was it the most happiest day of my life? In a way, yes. I was stressing so much the week beforehand that something was going to go wrong or that I would have some kind of family drama that as the day unfolded, and nothing went wrong…I really got to appreciate the day for what it was. There is nothing like seeing friends and family and everyone you love coming together to help you celebrate a marriage. I remember distinctly, right before the reception started, looking around the room…everyone that could… was helping us set up. It was a truly touching moment for me to realize how wonderful the people around us are! Boyrobot and I did not hire a wedding coordinator. We did everything ourselves with the help of our friends and family. It was truly a DIY wedding! And it made me love and appreciate everyone so much. So on that day….of course getting to marry boyrobot would make me a happy girl but truly knowing I have such special family and friends made me the happiest!! So now here are the details…I hope the people who were not able to make it will feel like they were there after reading this :)

Before the ceremony:
Instead of having our first look be when I walk down the aisle…we did it before the ceremony even started. This allowed us to take some fun pictures with the bridal party as well. Here is boyrobot seeing me for the first time :)

Kim and Minh's First Look
Kim & Minh's First Look #1 Kim and Minh First Look #2 Kim & Minh First Look #3 Kim & Minh First Look #4

Next we took pictures with our bridal party. So many people commented on my bridesmaids and how HOTTT they were. :) I know right? What kind of bride picks such a beautiful group of girls to totally outshine her on her big day??? :) Just kidding….they were the BEST ever!
The Bridal Party Group ShotThe Bridal Party Close Up The Groomsmen The Bridesmaids Me and My Maid of Honor The Bouquets The Bouquet Closeup The Shoes Celebratory Bridal Party Shot

Then we did a few couple shots:
Time To Get Married!
Don't Want To Get My Dress Dirty Serious Pose On The Hill Kisses What Are We Looking At? :)

Now it’s finally time for the ceremony. We had it at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. Lucky for us, it was a BEAUTIFUL day…and not too hot! I’m so happy I got to have my ceremony here…it couldn’t have been a more romantic setting!

Japanese Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden
Our Programs Which Doubled As Fans

Music was a very important part for us the whole day. We picked every single song out including the background music. Most of the songs we played were by Vitamin String Quartet, who make amazing string versions of popular songs. Here are the songs we had for the processional:

Parents – Only Time by Enya
Bridal Party – Just Like Heaven by The Cure
Ring Bearer – I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
Bride – Canon in D

You can listen to snippets of these songs at Amazon

The Parents ProcessionalOliver Doesn't Want To Leave His Daddy

This little guy stole the show:
Lucas The Best Ring Bearer EverMe Asking Lucas If He's Going To Bring The Ring To Uncle Minh Lucas Stops To Feed The Fish Lucas High-Fives The Girls

I’m so happy I got to walk down the aisle with my father:
I Love My Dad!!!Dad Walking MeMinh And The Officiant Waiting For Me

The ceremony was pretty short for a buddhist one…which made me happy. The most memorable part of the whole thing was of course our vows. After boyrobot read his, I was so shocked and mad at Mike (one of our closest friends and a groomsman)! haha. You see, a few nights before…we both secretly read our vows to Mike so that he could tell us if our vows were ok. I was worried that boyrobot’s was long and that mine would be too short. I was also worried about how much mine would suck compared to his because he is a much better writer than I am. Well he told us that they were fine.

After hearing boyrobot’s….omg! :P Boyrobot’s was about 5 times longer than mine and 100 times better than mine! I was so scared to read mine after hearing his. The whole time I was thinking….why did I let him go first!!!! hehe But anyways, his vows were really good. Very personal and totally made me teary!
VowsI Promise... The Exchanging Of The Rings

I can’t believe it….We’re finally married!!! :)
The Walk Back In Black And White
The Recessional Oh Sweet Relief...Part 1 Is Over! Are You Sick Of Pictures Of Us Yet? After Bridal Party Shot

We just want to thank everyone who came out so bright and early to celebrate with us. It meant so much to us!
Group Shot!


Comment from pokebot
Posted: October 5, 2009 at 2:31 pm

haha teary?? you were CRYING :P.

and yeah you had freaking hot bridesmaids and yet you were still the PRETTIEST :D. my friend who stalks you thinks so too.

Comment from J
Posted: October 5, 2009 at 3:52 pm

Holy cow. You look amazing in these photos.

How did you set up your webpage to pop the pictures out like that? Pretty slick for sure.

Comment from RiSE
Posted: October 5, 2009 at 4:27 pm

WOW! Those pictures are awesome! it looks like everybody was having a great time! And you look beautiful!!!

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: October 5, 2009 at 8:18 pm

aw thanks guys! :P

J – It’s a wordpress plugin called flickr photo album.

Comment from yoshi
Posted: October 6, 2009 at 5:00 am

Those photos are great! I would have loved to seen the real ceremony. But with those pics, I can imagine it was incredible. Kudos to your photographer! You looked beautiful btw, I’m sure it was a day to remember!

Comment from suki
Posted: October 6, 2009 at 7:38 pm

:-) Awesome photos, and I must chime in to say I was curious about the plug-in too. CooooL!