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Where’s My Cell Phone

I’m forever losing my phone. Sometimes it’s in my coat pocket. Or it’s slipped between the couch cushions. Or some other random place. I’m constantly asking boyrobot to call my phone so I can find it. No more! I introduce you to Where’s My Cell Phone! A website that you can use to call your […]

Jetnet Hosting Problems

I really need a new web host. Any recommendations??? I used to LOVE my hosting service….jet net hosting. If you read reviews about them, people were always talking about what great customer service they had and I totally agreed. Whenever I had a problem, I would submit a problem ticket and it would get solved […]

Make Your Own Passport Photos

This website is such a great idea: ePassport Photos You upload your own digital photo and then crop and resize the picture using their tools. They take your photo and arrange it into 6 shots on a 4×6 jpg which you can print yourself or get printed at your local store (My preference is Costco). […]

Friday Links

Top 50 greatest trailers of all time (according to IFC) – I love trailers. Speaking of movies….Cody Diablo to adapt the Sweet Valley High movie – o-m-g. I am SO excited about this. When I was a little girl I would read a SVH book a day practically. I loved those twins!!!!! People of walmart […]

The Best Time To…

Did you know it’s better to do certain things at certain times? According to this MSN article, the best time to: Wake up….is 20 minutes later than you intended. It will make you feel more rested for the rest of the day. – Uhh this seems a bit obvious but I agree with it wholeheartedly!! […]

Amazon Filler Item Finder

Have you ever shopped at Amazon and been short a few bucks for that free shipping? (The minimum you have to spend is $25). Rather than shell out the $7 to pay for the shipping, why not get something for it! With this site, Amazon Filler Item Finder, it’s easy to find something cheap and […]

Random Tips & Tricks 4

It’s been awhile since I had my roundup of random tips…. How to fold a fitted sheet – this has always bugged me! looks simple enough though Tips for raising your FICO credit score – this is something I should be doing now that I am shopping for a home How to naturally reset your […]

Cruise Junkie

Just got back from my Mexico cruise. It was pretty fun. I feel like I’ve gained 20 pounds though. While on the cruise, I found out our ship’s crew is ranked #2 in the industry. My first cruise was also on this ship and the crew was just as fun and friendly as the first […]

12 Signs You’ll Live Til 100

From this msnbc study they’ve deduced the 12 things that people who live to 100 usually have in common. 1. You’re the life of the party 2. You run for 40 minutes a day 3. You like raspberries in your oatmeal 4. You feel 13 years younger than you are 5. You embrace techie trends […]

Friday Links

Gallery of Roller Coaster Souvenir Photos – If you have some time this gallery is totally worth sifting through. Some hilarious photos! People V. Jackson – The whole child molester thing is like a distant memory to me. If you had any thoughts that maybe he was one, this wikipedia article should clear it up. […]