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October 2009



Best Hiccup Story Ever

The other day I read this story about how to get rid of hiccups. Basically, a Filipino woman told her:

in her country they take a piece of material from something they are wearing, lick it, and place it on their forehead.

And swore it worked!


Turns out it’s a very common trick to get rid of hiccups for babies

So when boyrobot had the craziest hiccups yesterday, I KNEW I had to experiment this on him. First I let him hiccup for awhile, knowing that the only way he would be willing to do this is if he was desperate. So when I heard him complain about his hiccups I was all “WELL…I just read about a new way to get rid of hiccups…” and proceeded to tell him to tear a piece of his clothing off and stick it on his forehead. He was like NO WAY. I’m not doing that. And I was like YOU HAVE TO. I MUST FIND OUT OF IT WORKS. So we’re arguing like this and the whole time he is hiccuping like crazy. I start searching his clothes for a piece of thread hanging so I can pull it off, but I can’t find it. The whole time boyrobot is fighting/arguing with me.

So in desperation, I reach for the neck of his shirt and pull it over his head so it’s covering his forehead. HAHAHAHHA.

So imagine boyrobot with his shirt over his head, one minute struggling against me, the next he’s still….and he says “They stopped!” We sit like that for a few minutes to make sure it wasn’t a fakeout. NO. HIS HICCUPS STOPPED. AMAZING! We both couldn’t stop laughing. Boyrobot was in disbelief.

Ok, this is one of those you had to be there story. And I’ve logged it here more for myself (and for anyone suffering from hiccups).

One of my favorite moments with boyrobot. :)


Comment from che
Posted: October 13, 2009 at 1:36 pm

LOL great experiment. my mom and aunts all say this all the time when a baby has the hiccups… get a thread, wet it (in the mouth), roll it up and put it on the forehead. ive heard about it in some hispanic cultures too. it’s really an odd thing isn’t it? but i guess it works! :)

Comment from Myra
Posted: October 13, 2009 at 5:27 pm

AHAHA! You guys are so cute!

Comment from pokebot
Posted: October 14, 2009 at 12:10 am