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January 2010



My Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

I finally got a new laptop so I decided to give Google Chrome Beta a try. I’ve been using Google Chrome for the past year and have been very happy with it. It’s just been very fast and I love the simple interface. If you’re still using IE, I suggest you switch right now!! If you’re using firefox, I don’t think it’s as big of a deal to switch but I still like it better personally.

The difference between the Beta version and the normal version is that you can install extensions! I have just started browsing through them so I am looking for some cool extension recommendations from other Chrome users. Please tell me which ones you use and like in the comments! Here are the ones I regularly use:

Google Apps Shortcuts – I’m a google apps whore. I regularly use gmail, calendar, docs, tasks, reader, etc so this is a great extension for me so that I can have quick and easy access to all of my google apps.

Evernote Web Clipper – I’ve just recently started using Evernote to organize my life. Since they stopped development on the Google Notebook and Evernote easily syncs with my iPhone, I’ve ported over all of my notes into Evernote and am using this exclusively for recipes, gift ideas, and other things I need/want to remember. With this extension it makes clipping websites super easy!

Aviary Screen Capture – I think most people wouldn’t have a need for this but if you regularly make screen captures for web-related work this extension makes it SO easy!!

Brizzly – if you’re a regular user of facebook/twitter you’ll love this extension. It displays your friend’s latest status messages for you in one easily viewable window. The best part I like about it is if someone twitters a picture you don’t have to click on the link to view…it automatically displays it in the window for you.

Google Mail Checker – I’m an email checking addict so I love this extension. Whenever I am on a computer, I always have to have one tab opened to my gmail so I instantly know when I get new email. Now I no longer have to waste a tab. With this mail checker, the little icon displays how many emails I have at all times! There is also one for google reader if you use that.

There are tons more out there…some very cool ones but those are the main ones I use!


Comment from che
Posted: January 6, 2010 at 3:46 pm

cool, maybe i’ll give chrome another try. i tried it when it first came out and it seemed to be a memory hog. sounds like it might be faster now so ill try it out since firefox has been starting to suck :\