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Cool Salt & Pepper Shakers

Here are some cool salt and pepper shakers i found while shopping for my own home Balance salt and pepper shaker – these are so elegant looking! mustache salt and pepper shaker – ahhh, my love for all things mustache Lola Goldstein salt and pepper shakers – sooo cute! too bad they are not for […]

Home Tips & Tricks 1

There is so much to learn and do when owning a home. I’m always reading up on ways to save money as well. Here are some handy tips I thought I would share: 5 ways to save water, energy, money and the world in one afternoon – more reason to start using that dishwasher! How […]

Friday Links

The world’s best hikes – Now that the weather is starting to warm up again, I want to start hiking again! These are too advanced for me but it’s something to work towards. 1938 Dating Guide For Single Women – this is pretty funny…i wonder what people will think are ridiculous about us 70 years […]

How To Launder 18 Different Fabrics

This article is so useful to bookmark! It describes the correct way to launder 18 different fabrics. The ones i found most useful to know: 3. Cashmere Even if cashmere doesn’t get dirty or smell of sweat easily, it should still be washed after three wearings. Cashmere is very delicate and the less often it’s […]

How To Book The Cheapest Airline Flight

This article from The New York Times is probably the best I’ve read about booking tickets online. To summarize, here are the steps for ensuring you find the best prices no matter where you are flying: 1. First check kayak (my personal favorite as well) 2. Next check ita software 3. Cfares – this website […]

Illustrated Celebrity Tweets

I mostly use twitter to follow all of the celebrities so I found this new blog quite amusing: Museum of Modern Celebrity Tweets A new tweet from a celebrity is illustrated every Tuesday and it can be pretty funny! Some of my favorite celebrity tweeters: Tila Tequila – this girl is psycho but she had […]

Terrarium Mania

Is it a sign you are growing old when you become interested in gardening? With our new big backyard, I’ve become very interested in planting some fruit trees. We visited the gardening sections of a few stores this weekend and I was going ga-ga over all of the different things I could be growing!!! (not […]

We Are The World Youtube Edition

75 youtube artists come together to sing We Are The World. Much better than the new cover don’t you think??

How To Turn A Cheap Steak Into A Prime Steak

You know around here we just LOVE a good steak. Well, I just read an easy method by The Steamy Kitchen blog that shows us how to make any cheap ol steak better by just adding salt (kosher or sea)! Basically the gist is to cover your steak completely with salt for 15 minutes to […]

Days With My Father

Click to read more on Days With My Father