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January 2010



Hot Deals

I’m an avid hot deals shopper…nothing like my sister and brother but now that I am buying so much stuff I have been especially on the lookout for good deals. Here are some that I’ve come across:

belkin energy saving surge protector with remote! – $20.99;

Shipping is an extra 8 bucks but if you buy two like I did you can get free shipping. Also, don’t forget to use Bing cashback for an extra 5%. If you don’t know how to use Bing cashback, it’s SUPER easy. Just visit and click on shopping. Find the store you are shopping at and go to the website through this link. You will get your cashback in a few weeks! It’s super easy. Now back to this product…I love how this surge protector has a remote. I plan on using this for our entertainment center and possibly for our office. It will make turning off the electronics every night SO EASY! Many people forget that even if your your electronics are off, while they are plugged in they are still using electricity. Albeit very little, but it adds up over time!

3in memory foam mattress topper – $45

After much discussion, our friends recommended that instead of paying a lot for a highend mattress to just buy a mattress topper instead. It seems like people swear by them. This one is highly rated and a great deal! I am thinking of buying a 2nd one for the guest room too. We’ll test it out first though. :)

uniball pen with super ink – free

I love a good pen and this one helps prevent check fraud. and oh yeah it’s free so who cares! the only bad thing is they give a limited number each day so you have to get in on the deal before they run out.

printable 50% off Joann coupon – normally these coupons are 40% off so this extra 10% makes me happy and it should make all you crafters out there happy too!

Taco bell fresco taco – free
you know what’s sad….even though this taco is free, everytime I go to taco bell i can’t resist ordering something else. which is a shame since taco bell is oh so unhealthy. but how can I resist this???

And at 89 cents, it might as well be free! I love taco bell, don’t hate peeps.


Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: January 19, 2010 at 10:10 am

Bah, all that nonsense about “vampire” power and phone chargers ending the world is a bunch of hot air. Do they use up power? Yes. 0.009 kWh per day. This is such an infinitesimal amount of power that leaving one plugged in for an entire year would equal the amount of energy in about a 1 (one) shower.

Now if you want to shut down all your electricity when not in use, fine, it will save a bit of energy. But too many people do this INSTEAD of doing things that will actually make a difference. Hell taking your showers for 1 minute less than normal will save a far far FAR greater amount of energy then unplugging all the “vampire” stuff in your house for a year.

And yet all you see are these stupid power company commercials telling everyone to unplug their damn phone chargers before the apocalypse is upon us.

Comment from Quynh
Posted: January 19, 2010 at 10:51 am

Kim – I really enjoy your postings but I actually can’t wait for Hakushaku to comment back. :) Hakushaku I love your humor and logic!

Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: January 19, 2010 at 10:44 pm

My humor AND my logic, no less!

You warm the cockles of my withered blackened heart, my good Vietnamese fellow.

Perhaps there is hope for you humans yet.

Comment from che
Posted: January 20, 2010 at 3:30 pm

i just noticed that for the pen you linked to the ‘form closed’ site. i didn’t notice this until i tried it yesterday and today only to be surprised at it’s ‘popularity’… then i read the web address and realized, wait im going directly to the ‘form closed’ site. so you might want to update that link to just in case!

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: January 20, 2010 at 3:54 pm

lol…thanks cheryl. it’s fixed now

Comment from suki
Posted: February 4, 2010 at 12:47 pm

That surge protector might be the answer to there not being a direct switch that turns the lamp on and off… SWEET.