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January 2010



Haiti Stories And Links

I know we are being bombarded with everything that’s happened in Haiti but it really has been devastating to see what this natural disaster has done to what was already such a fragile country. Anything we can do to help is worth it and it’s been amazing how much people have donated already! A few stories and pictures that touched my heart:

An op-ed piece written by some doctors working with Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

Even though it seems like everyone has lost someone, their home, their way of life, it is amazing how people are helping each other. A lot of children have been orphaned. There is one beautiful little boy, who is about four years old. I don’t know where he came from or how he got into our makeshift hospital compound, because he doesn’t really have any injuries. I asked him if he was alone, and he told me, “Yes, I am alone, but I’m here with my friends.” I look around and all of his friends are people he doesn’t know, all waiting for surgery.

7 yr old Haitian boy gets rescued with a smile on his face – click to see photo!

The little Haitian boy who greeted rescuers with a beaming grin as they freed him from a huge pile of rubble said yesterday, “I smiled because I was free — I smiled because I was alive.”

7 yr old raises $240K for Haiti – it’s amazing no matter how old you are you CAN make a difference!

The faces of haiti by the big picture – best photo news blog covers Haiti

Haiti’s children on their own on shattered streets – it’s the hardest imagining these children who have lost their parents!

Google’s Haiti Earthquake page – great roundup of donation links and news

At the very least, text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts. This is SO easy to do and $10 is nothing to us but can mean SO much to them. It just takes 1 minute to do!!!