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Happy Halloween!!!!

I’m so happy I got to be home for our very first halloween in our new house. Even though I only had a few days to decorate, I made the most of my time I think. This was the very first time boyrobot and I carved pumpkins. We had so much fun doing it that […]

if you’re easily offended, might want to skip this.

but i think it’s comedy gold: the best of 50 cent on twitter

Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

I just found an exercise video that I actually enjoy! I mean as much as I can enjoy an exercise video. :P I think I like it because it’s only 20 mins long and the moves are not too hard. At first, I experienced some knee pain but the more I did it the better […]

my favorite thing on the internet today

if you have an asian father you have to visit this website

High Expectations Asian Father – more hilarious ones here!

2 Years In Prison

I thought this was an interesting read…supposedly it’s true…but you never know with the internet right? A man goes to prison for two years, then returns to a thread he started on 99chan to answer questions about it. He goes into quite a bit of detail that’s probably not really safe to read at work. […]

I think Emma Stone Is My New Favorite Female Actor

I am loving her movies. I saw Easy A a few weeks ago. It was pretty funny. She’s so cute! PS. I have some more time to blog so expect lots of updates in the coming weeks!!

My Harry Potter Amusement Park Review

Hello…anyone out there? I’m still alive here but have been so busy. As soon as I get around to finishing up my Europe posts, I will try to post here a little bit more. I have tons of entertaining things backlogged and ready to post about! Anyways, I thought I would take a break from […]