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March 2011



Martha Stewart’s 28 Day Challenge

Once again, I’m totally addicted to trying things that are supposed to change my life and make me a better person. In other words, following an outlined plan that involves eating really crappy food and doing exercises that totally suck. ha ha.

I started on this because I read about Bon Apetit’s “foodie detox” through notmartha. Detoxes are all the rage right now…all of the movie stars do it! hehe. But after reading the reviews about it, I decided not to do it (the food took too long to make and was actually really bad, I could stand one or the other but not both!). Doing more research led me to Martha Stewart’s 28 Day Challenge! They provide day by day steps for “changing your life” and also recipes to help you detox. Most of the food just cuts out all of the bad stuff and common allergens. I haven’t checked out all of the exercises but week 1 is mostly yoga poses and walking (I can def handle that!). I am interested in trying the recipes…I even found some that boyrobot wouldn’t mind eating.

Another part of the 28 day challenge is to give up “media”. I decided to not go on the internet when I get home from work and instead work on a lot of projects that I have on my to do list. Some for fun and some for the house. And actually I’d like to do some deep cleaning around the house! It will be really interesting to try this because for as long as I remember, I have been an internet addict when I am at home and it’s sucked up a lot of my time. I am just going to try this for the first week and see how it goes. I will miss you internet!

If you’re interested check out their website and sign up for their newsletter.

Anyways, I will check in next week and tell you how week 1 went!