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I Can’t Wait For Human Planet

In case you haven’t heard of Human Planet, it is by the same people (BBC) who brought you The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, and Life. This time they are focusing on human beings. It is currently being shown in the UK and will be released internationally later on. I can’t wait!!

A Video Post

The progression of a line that is traced by 500 people where each person can only see the line drawn by the person before them. Crazy what it ends up looking like! A Sequence of Lines Traced by Five Hundred Individuals from clement valla on Vimeo. Drawing lines to do multiplication. Weird how this works! […]

A Long Overdue Update

Wow…posts out here are just getting sparser and sparser huh? I still love blogging, but I guess my time has been consumed with other hobbies. I was just thinking about how it’s been a really long time since I wrote a personal blog about what’s up with me. To be honest…not much that’s too interesting. […]

Todd’s Alerts

If you’re a fan of buying things from Craigslist, you will love this site: Todd’s Alerts I remember when I was looking for things for my wedding or even furniture for my house, I would constantly visit Craigslist and hit refresh hoping to score an awesome deal. Many times if I wasn’t fast enough, the […]

Things You Should Do

Make your connections to Facebook always secure – it takes like 1 min to do and is worth it! Start reading Makes Me Think or add it to your rss reader. It’s not usually funny or anything and some of them are lame/cheesy but sometimes you’ll read one that actually “makes you think” and feel […]