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July 2011



Vote For Me

I’m having a hard time finding good movies on Netflix streaming. Does anyone have any recommendations?

My sister and her husband told me about this documentary called Vote For Me. If you love documentaries I highly recommend this. I would rank it #2 in my favorite documentaries of all time. (#1 is Spellbound). I LOVED this movie….so funny!

It’s about a 3rd grade class in China where they are learning about democracy. They let the class vote on who gets to be the next class monitor. It’s funny to see these little kids end up modeling real life politicians in some ways. And so funny to see how serious things get. Here is the trailer but I don’t think the trailer was done very well. If i watched the trailer only, i probably wouldn’t have been enticed to watch it…but I swear it’s good! :)

BTW, it’s in chinese so you’ll have to read subtitles. :P


Comment from Maureen
Posted: July 31, 2011 at 8:45 pm

I LOOOOOVE my Netflix app for iPhone! Watch docs mostly but enjoy other stuff as well. Here are a few recommendations:
1. Dear Zachary—I will never be the same after having watched this.
2. A Walk To Beautiful–Felt so blessed to live in America after seeing this. Every woman should watch this.
3. God Grew Tired Of Us–Uplifting, beautiful.
4. The King Of Kong–I’m not really into video games but even I enjoyed this. Neat story. I love rooting for the underdog.
5. Saint Ralph–Canadian indie film about a young boy who makes a pact with God to win the Boston Marathon. Very sweet/sad/funny. Loved it.
6. Man On Wire—Very cool but I’m afraid of heights so it freaked me out a little, hehe.
7. Paper Clips—Doc about the Holocaust. Loved it.
8. Ping Pong Playa–LMAO! Our family totally loved this movie and everyone we’ve ever recommended it to has as well.

Have fun watching and lemme know which ones you liked/dislked. Thanks for the recommendation, too…it’s been in my queue for weeks now so I’m glad to know someone else likes it!