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Dishwasher Detergent & Other Cheap Recs

In this latest Consumer Reports article I recently read, they tested dishwasher detergents. Since moving into my house, I’ve started using the dishwasher. I love it but I am not a fan of the dishwasher detergent I am currently using….one of those Cascade gel ones. (No wonder it was a hot deal!) I guess a […]

Best Wedding Ever?

I’ve posted some wedding proposals that have blown me away but this is the first wedding that I just thought was the sweetest thing ever. This groom surprised his gf with a whole wedding! He secretly had the gf plan her own wedding by asking her opinions about random wedding questions and implemented the whole […]

Fitted Sheets Again?

Yes…I had to post about this again because this video does such a good job of showing you that method I posted about before on how to fold a fitted sheet!

My Favorite Uses For Coffee Filters

I rarely drink or make my own coffee but I always have a pack of coffee filters on hand. In some cases, I can use them in place of a paper towel for so much cheaper! I buy mine from the $1 store for a pack of 1000. Here are some of the random things […]

Random Acts Of Cookies

Inspired by this post, I thought I would share some of my drool-worthy cookie recipes. I fully support the idea of randomly giving people cookies to brighten their day. It would certainly brighten mine! If I were to randomly bake you some cookies, which one would you like?? Brown Sugar Blueberry Cookies by howsweeteats White […]