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Vote For Me

I’m having a hard time finding good movies on Netflix streaming. Does anyone have any recommendations? My sister and her husband told me about this documentary called Vote For Me. If you love documentaries I highly recommend this. I would rank it #2 in my favorite documentaries of all time. (#1 is Spellbound). I LOVED […]

Tips On Freezing

The worst part about cooking for 2 is all of the leftover ingredients you have. For instance, if I make a dessert with buttermilk in it, I almost always have an almost full carton of buttermilk that goes to waste! Or even certain fresh herbs or bread. Over the years, I keep getting tips on […]

Some Folding Tips

Since owning a house, I’m kind of obsessed with how I fold things. (I know. Weird, right?) I think I blogged about how to fold a fitted sheet before which I have been using up til now but to be honest, it still came out to be somewhat of a folded blob. Well recently I […]


Are you on google+ yet? Follow me! I’ll be sharing links on there that don’t make it to And at the rate I’ve been updating this website…it should be a lot more entertaining :P If you’d like an invite, leave a comment or email me. So far I’m not really sure how I like […]

Friday Links

Harvard dropouts, 40 years later – interesting read on some fascinating people Reverse grafitti – Instead of spray cans, these artists clean up dirt…you just have to see it! embroidered portraits – these are amazing…who says embroidery is for old grandmas? Animals being dicks – these gifs are hilarious Dear photograph – old photographs in […]