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January 2012




In my attempt to bring back my “creative” side, I signed up for this e-course about art journaling. It provides 52 prompts/themes you can use as inspiration for your journal pages. I really miss blogging and feel like I should be writing more during this important time of my life. Perhaps this will help! The e-course is meant for a real journal book but I’m way too lazy for that…so I’m just going to blog my thoughts and perhaps share some pictures on here. I would like to do a real journal too one day but I need to build up my art stash some more!

Anyways, the first prompt is “Daydreams” and I’m going to try and do a blog once a week having to do with the theme.

I can’t lie. My daydreams definitely have to do with our future baby. I really have gone “baby crazy” the last few months. I notice pregnant mamas and little ones everywhere. They all just seem SOOOOOO CUTE! I’m still really scared of having my own but I definitely love kids!

I daydream about what our kid will be and look like. Will it look more like me or boyrobot? Will it be shy and a homebody like me…or funny and outgoing like boyrobot? Will it like sports? Reading books? I’m so excited to find out!!!


I also daydream about all of the things we would do. I hope she (yes, we found out it’s a she last week!) does like sports so boyrobot can teach her how to catch a ball and be a cute little tomboy.

But at the same time I hope she will love cooking and crafting with me!

I imagine all of the family traditions we will have. And I hope that she has a childhood that was much like mine. Filled with lots of imagination, fun, and friends. I remember building forts with blankets in our living room and playing house with my siblings.

If I am ambitious enough, I would love to build her a teepee like this:

I remember playing night tag, catching fireflies, and spending countless hours outside with neighborhood friends.

I can’t wait to take her places, go on roadtrips, or even travel overseas. I would like to instill in her the love of travel and adventures that boyrobot and I have.

I imagine changing my first real diaper, cuddling with our new baby, and yes all of those sleepless nights we will have and what it will be like. Will we get lucky and our baby will be a good sleeper? Or will it keep us up at all hours of the night? I can only imagine what it will feel like when the baby comes….to be responsible for this littler person who solely depends on us. The thought is just so weird!!!

BTW, I can only hope that our girl is half as cute as the babies in these pictures!!


Comment from che
Posted: January 23, 2012 at 9:26 am

i’m sure whatever her preferences, she will be everything you want her to be :) baby A is everything we had hoped for and more! we have yet to see what else she is capable of but we are so excited to see what the future holds. i’m guessing she’s going to be good at sports and/or music. her coordination is fantastic for her age and she loves to sing and dance :) i predict babybot to be creative, smart, good at poker, a bookworm, and a sports fan ;)