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June 2012



Yes I’m Still Alive & Some Tips

I thought I would have time to update this blog more while on maternity leave but nope…I don’t know how stay at home mothers do it…! If I’m not playing with Emma, I’m changing her diaper. Or nursing her. Or trying to get her to sleep (which can sometimes take awhile!) And then I’m lucky if she doesn’t wake right back up when I put her down. Sometimes I get so paranoid about her waking up from a nap that I lay with her and then I’m stuck because if I get up she might wake up. Let’s just say I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix…I’m almost done with Grey’s Anatomy!

Anyways, I thought I would post a tip roundup since I haven’t done that in awhile and I thought readers might enjoy a non-baby post ;)

Summer is here and that means watermelons! If you’re like me, you never really understood how to pick a watermelon by knocking on it. What am I listening for??? Lifehacker has an easier way by looking for a creamy yellow spot at the bottom of the watermelon.

Ask Anna has an easy way to clean BBQ grills. I can’t wait to try this since we usually throw bbqs during the summer and the worst part is cleaning the grill. Just stick it in the oven and turn on the self cleaning!

Do you have problems remembering to take your pills? I am supposed to keep taking my prenatal pills since I’m nursing but I kept forgetting because life is just crazy with a baby. Well if you have an iPhone there is an app called “Pill Prompter” (and I’m sure other phones have a similar app) but it’s great! It lets you set a reminder each day to take your pill(s) and will keep notifying you until you check the box that you did take your pills. It’s been so helpful!

Martha Stewart always has great tips on linens. This latest one is how to keep matching sheets together in the closet: Store them in their matching pillowcase.

Another linen tip: Put on a duvet cover by rolling it like a burrito.

If you don’t have a home alarm system, try keeping your car keys next to your bedside and if you hear someone breaking in hit the panic button.

Lastly it’s not a real tip but if you are looking for a unique greeting card…I love the website They have all different kinds including ones you can customize yourself with your own photo or words. I got 2 for father’s day for boyrobot and my own father and I loved the quality and choices! They usually have coupons and it ends up being cheaper than those generic cards you get at Target etc.