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September 2012



Emma’s 4 Month Update

Ugh…I’m supposed to be doing these every month but I keep lagging! Where does the time go…

2 more days until Emma is 4 months!!! Every day she is getting to be more fun and is starting to show us her personality. We are enjoying her so much. I can’t believe how much I love this little person. I tell her every day how much I love her even though she doesn’t even understand me. One day she will though! Here are her milestones since her last 2.5 month update:

– went on our first family “vacation” to Carpinteria for my friend’s wedding. she was so well behaved for the most part. I remember being so nervous about the whole weekend but it wasn’t bad at all! she even slept through the night that weekend for the first time ever. unfortunately, since that trip her sleeping has taken a nosedive. here is a picture of her in the photobooth at the wedding… don’t you love the wig? :)


– right after this trip i went back to work. i realized that i’m not really a SAHM type. the transition has been very smooth. of course i miss emma but this way when i do see her i enjoy every minute!! unfortunately, she has been having a hard time adjusting what with having to take the bottle all day. she really hates it but is starting to get better. but she eats very little during the day and chooses to wait for me to come home to nurse instead. night times have been brutal. she used to wake up once a night…now she wakes up 3-5 times a night! Sometimes with only an hour between feedings! but since she is small for her age and we are worried with how much she is drinking, i am definitely not complaining about waking up to feed her…i just want her to eat as much as she will any way she can. but hopefully as she adjusts more to the bottle she will drink more during the day! we did take her to the dr to make sure she is still gaining weight and she is right on track.
– one of my cousins got her to laugh for the first time! now I can get a laugh out of her pretty easily and she is the smiliest baby ever. practically anything will make her smile. if you look at her she will smile. it’s so fun to play with her right now.
– she has become super drool-y and loves to blow bubbles like crazy
– she started to hold her head up during tummy time


– she’s finally started to hold onto and bat at her toys! we just got her a little elmo with chewable hands that she loves


– last time we weighed her about 1.5 weeks ago she was 11 lbs and 8 oz
– her favorite thing is to chew on her hands
– she can almost roll over!
– got her a passport! we are going to turn her into a jetsetter like us :) her hair was especially crazy that day…


– she is starting to look more like a boy. that might be because we keep dressing her in her cousin’s handmedowns ha ha. can’t wait for her hair to grow longer!
– she is starting to babble more and sometimes she is so loud! i wonder what she is saying? :)
– she has started hating being in the carrier which sucks because I love wearing her. hopefully when she gets a little bigger she will like it again.
– at least she is better in the carseat now! it used to be that she would cry hysterically in the car every time but now she only cries if we’ve been in the car for a long time, she is cranky from being sleepy and can’t sleep, or she has a poopy diaper


hmmm…I think that’s it! I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us!


Comment from kristen
Posted: September 13, 2012 at 5:29 pm

She’s so adorable! I can’t wait to see her again. I love that passport pic!!! Hahaha