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August 2012



3 Years

Ok, I actually started this post last night but of course Emma wakes me up in the middle of it so now this is a day late. This is the story of our life now. I have to admit having a child definitely changes the dynamics of a relationship. We used to be able to do whatever we wanted… whenever. Not anymore! I am not complaining…I wouldn’t change anything for the world but I wanted to just point this out because it’s hard work keeping a marriage exciting and romantic with a kid! Which is why on this day…I appreciate boyrobot more than anything. We have been married for 3 years now and I can honestly say I love and appreciate boyrobot more than ever. Of course like any relationship we have our ups and downs but we always work through them and I feel stronger and more confident about our love each time. Now when I look at Emma…I think…we made this! Incredible! I love both of them sososo much.

Now a little bit more about boyrobot and why I love him.

As a friend…boyrobot loves his friends dearly and the times he gets to hang out with them are his happiest! He is honestly the most trustworthy friend you will ever meet. I know when he makes a promise he will keep it. If a friend needs him, he will totally be there for them. Boyrobot puts friendships very high on his list of important things in life. The amount of friends he has is a testament to that. And all of his friends are “quality” type friends…truly great people that I have also gotten to know.

As a father…boyrobot loves little Emma so much. He proclaims it all of the time! It’s so cute. He gives her her baths, loves to give her tummy time, and takes the cutest pictures of her. I love to over hear their little “conversations”. I know he is going to be such an amazing and fun father as Emma grows older. Right now she favors me more because all she does is eat and sleep and I breastfeed her but I know as soon as she starts walking and talking they are going to be the bestest of friends. I will be so jealous!


As a husband…boyrobot is seriously the best kind. When you are pregnant and even after you have given birth…your hormones go kinda crazy. Well mine did. And boyrobot stuck by me the whole time and was super patient and understanding and made me feel so much better. He just always knows the right things to say. He also is great at making you laugh when you need it. He was quick to help me when I asked for help and tries so hard to be the best husband and father he can be. I really couldn’t ask for more!



Comment from che
Posted: August 9, 2012 at 7:18 am

aaaw… boyrobot must be glowing right now :) happy anniversary again!