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December 2012



Emma’s 7 Month Update


I used to think I wasn’t much of a baby person and that I couldn’t wait til she was a toddler or a small kid more. But now I think I know why people love the baby stage so much. It’s the stage when you can do no wrong, they don’t talk back, and they just purely love you so much! Sure…it’s hard when this little person depends on you 100% and going out right now isn’t the easiest thing to do but we are managing. She has finally started reaching out for me and currently I think I’m her favorite person. I am cherishing these times because I keep imagining when she’s older and starts getting embarrassed by me, thinking that I am ruining her life, or finally realizes that dad is way cooler and more fun than mom. She’s so smiley right now it’s beyond cute! She still greets me every morning with the biggest smile like I just made her day. I have started noticing when she wakes up, she will keep turning back and forth from me to boyrobot to see if either of us are awake. Her fidgeting eventually wakes me up and when she catches one of us with our eyes open she laughs. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that she is so happy right now. I also used to count the day when I could stop breastfeeding her and wouldn’t have to pump anymore at work. Now I feel like the 1 year mark (when I plan on stopping) is coming so fast! I will really miss our nursing sessions when they finally come to an end. Oh Emma…you are growing up too fast for mama!!!!

Emma’s 6th month was an exciting one. Lots of weddings, travelling, and a taste of her first solid food!

We started the month with her first plane ride on her first international trip! She did so good on the airplane. So many people came up to us afterwards to tell us she was the best baby.

Emma reading the safety guidelines on the airplane.

It was a great first vacation for Emma. The hotel had a really nice pool area where we hung out a lot. We bought Emma a baby floatie.

Just hanging out in the pool. NO BIG DEAL.

Catching some rays

We were there for a friend’s wedding (which was the most amazing wedding ever!!). Here is Emma all dolled up. It’s her 2nd wedding! She looks so grown up in these pictures for some reason.


The wedding had those white lanterns that all of the guests got to light up and send up into the air. So cool! And they had fireworks! These are Emma’s first fireworks since she was asleep when 4th of July fireworks went off this past year.


While in Mexico, Emma also had her first boat ride! This girl is having so many life experiences at such a young age isn’t she???

We celebrated Emma’s first Thanksgiving with boyrobot’s family. There’s a really cute picture of Emma with the 2 turkeys but it’s on boyrobot’s brother’s camera and I forgot to ask for it! The only picture I have from that night was when we gave Emma her first taste of solid food…some yams! She didn’t like it though :(


Turns out she seems like she might be a picky eater like her father. She also does not like apples and pears. But she does like bananas!

(Not sure why the video is all stretched out when I uploaded it to Youtube…but it’s too late for me to try and figure it out!)

Emma started sitting in the bumbo this month and can sit on her own for a few seconds. I think by next month she should be able to sit up by herself and hopefully start crawling! Crazy!! Every time I look at her old pictures it seems like a totally different baby. She’s changed so much. It’s just all going so fast!!!!


We put up the christmas tree recently. I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with Emma! I even got her her own mini pink christmas tree that I plan on decorating with a handmade ornament every year. Hopefully I can find time to do that! I can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with her. It’s our favorite time of the year and I’m sure it will become hers too! I can’t wait to start some family traditions with her. Fun!



Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: December 10, 2012 at 12:54 am

The floating in the pool pic slayed me.

She looks like some gangster boss.