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January 2013



Emma’s 8 Month Update

8 months! Seriously?

8 months

This month brought more trips and another plane ride for Emma. She has become quite the jetsetter! I’m so happy she has been such a great traveler for us. We have one more trip planned this year but it’s not until August. I wonder if we can squeeze in another trip until then???

We started off the month with Emma’s first trip to Vegas. I was really worried about the road trip there since Emma doesn’t really like the car but she did surprisingly well! We mostly stayed in our suite but since the place we stayed at was so nice, I didn’t mind! I love travelling with our friends because they all are so loving towards Emma. She actually knows most of them now so I get a break as everybody takes turns holding her. Unfortunately, I barely took any pictures on that trip for some reason! We took one group photo but Emma had already fallen asleep for the night…so in honor of her we did a picture with everyone making the Emma face (the face she makes when a white guy is holding her…ha ha)


Here is one of daddy taking a break from gambling to read Emma her favorite book “Baby Faces”!


The rest of December was all about celebrating the holidays.

photo (3)

I was really looking forward to Emma’s 1st christmas but to be honest, she was just too young to really enjoy anything! We didn’t even officially get her a present…but don’t worry she got things…I just wasn’t patient enough to wrap it up and wait until Christmas to give it to her!! :) Many of our friends and family provided Emma with plenty of gifts too. Among her loot she got an activity center, a bunch of clothes, books, shoes, a pacifier, stacking blocks, and money! I did not do much with her this Christmas but I have grand plans for her when she gets older. I have visions of starting all of these “family traditions”.

I started with one this year in which I got her a bright pink mini Christmas tree. I am going to hand make an ornament for her each year to put on the tree. For her first year, I decided to just make the tree topper. I also made a tree skirt and a garland to hang on the tree so it wouldn’t look so bare these first few years. I hope she likes it! Maybe as she gets older, she can help me make the ornaments.


Emma’s 1st Santa picture!!!!
photo (3)

For Christmas, we flew to Oklahoma to be with my side of the family. My sisters, niece, and nephews met Emma for the first time. While there, it snowed on Christmas so Emma got her first taste of snow! Like everything else, she was indifferent heheh.

Finally! A decent family photo thanks to my brother:

New milestones for Emma:
– Can sit up on her own now
– Eating more solids. So far she hates prunes and blackberries. She loves loves loves yogurt melts, rice crackers, rice and carrots, oatmeal and avocados. She is definitely turning out to be a picky eater though. She will usually only eat 3 or 4 bites of anything…sigh…I can already see mealtimes are going to be a struggle with her!
– Cut her 1st tooth! She actually has 2 teeth now on the middle bottom
– 1st haircut. Well I don’t really count it as an official haircut but boyrobot cut her bangs because they were getting so long and no clips would hold them in place because her hair is so fine
– Much more mobile now but still not crawling. I notice she rolls a lot more now and will roll to get where she wants to go.
– Says da-da-da-da-da a lot
– Plays “pat-pat”. This is where you hold out your hand and tell her to “pat-pat” and she will give you 5!
– Waves bye
– Experiencing separation anxiety. She is definitely a lot more clingy with me nowadays. If I am around she wants me to hold her. If someone else holds her, she will whine a bit.

Some more pictures:

On Christmas day, we took a ton of these photos…they are probably my favorite pictures to date! Here are just 3…her facial expressions crack me up!




Opening presents. She was more interested in the wrapping paper than the gift itself! hehe

Here are some outtakes from our Christmas card photoshoot:

She was SO miserable. I felt so bad for her because we had to take so many pictures because the lights we used were blinking lights so the lighting was different in every photo!


Emma puts everything into her mouth!!

A picture with one of Emma’s newest friends…Sydney, who even though is much younger is practically the same size as her!!

My little Emma Boo. She makes me laugh every day and has become such a curious one!



Comment from che
Posted: January 14, 2013 at 12:59 pm

lol @ syd crying in the pic. emma is adorable. i can’t wait to see that little munchkin again :)

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: January 14, 2013 at 9:56 pm

I should send you the other pics…she is full on crying in them! So cute! Funny that she was so good the whole time cept when we got the camera out hehe. So glad you guys live so close so our girls can grow up together!! :)