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April 2013



Emma’s 11 Month Update

I can NOT believe we are 1 month away from Emma turning 1!!! She still seems very much a baby to me. It doesn’t help that she is definitely on the small end of the scale (weighing around 15 lbs!!) and not yet walking. Where she is lacking physically she is making up with her personality! She has started copying a lot of the things we do and it’s just so adorable! It started with hair brushing. She has her own set of hair brushes and when I brush my hair, she always “brushes” her hair too. She also always takes my glasses and tries to wear them. Her favorite thing she does that just kills me every time is I will hand her a stuffed animal and tell her “huggie”?? And she will give it the biggest hug and smile. She also loves to kiss her toys and pictures. ADORBZ!


It’s moments like these where I wonder what happened to that little blob we came home with from the hospital who just ate, slept, and pooped! It’s so incredible how interactive she is now and so much fun!!! Sometimes I’ll babble with her and it’s like we are having our own secret conversation. I wonder what she is saying to me?? :)

(Emma likes to pretend she is talking on a cellphone using her hand)
photo (5)

Emma is still quite shy around strangers. I do hope she outgrows this. We are constantly around our friends and it will take her some time before she is comfortable but she never is as animated as she is when it’s just me and boyrobot.

She has started becoming more adventurous with her eating although she is still quite picky and of course she still hates the bottle. She has started taking it from her grandfather now but refuses it from me or boyrobot unfortunately. She has become quite good at drinking out of a straw cup…no more dripping! So I am hoping when we switch to whole milk it will be a somewhat easy transition. Her favorite foods are those Gerber tomato flavored lil’ crunchies, yogurt drops, puffs, butternut squash, and cheese. Not exactly the healthiest right? I made her some paleo pancakes that she really likes. They are sooo easy to make too! Just blend 2 eggs and a banana together and add a dash of cinnamon. You can even freeze them!

photo (4)

photo (8)

I forgot if it was this past month or the month before but Emma now has SIX teeth. 2 on the bottom and 4 on the top. All 4 on top came in at the same time and she was pretty miserable when it happened. I noticed she is chewing on things again and drooling a lot so I wonder if more are starting to come in. It will be so great when she finally has a full set of teeth and I don’t have to worry about the size of the food we feed her!

Her signing is getting better. She pretty much has “milk” and “more” down. I wish I had taught her sleep earlier on. I keep forgetting to teach her that one. She is definitely babbling more but still refuses to say “daddy” or “dada” to boyrobot’s disappointment. She does love to say “baba” though! Maybe she thinks she’s saying “dada”?

Lastly, Emma has finally started crawling. She was crawling last month but now she is a lot faster. Her favorite mode of transportation is still in her parent’s arms though :P

At a Gymboree class with Jacob
photo (7)

Emma’s first carousel ride!
photo (9)

I think this was the moment Emma decided she did not like dogs!
photo (10)

I just realized that all of the photos this past month were taken with my phone. Luckily our friend Giang did a photoshoot of Emma this month so we have some real photos to share!!

Look at that devilish grin!


Future bruin!

At dinner, all grown up and sitting at the table ready to eat!

We’re busy planning her first birthday party around here! Hope you’ll be able to make it!

invitation_test_bigger copy


Comment from Amy
Posted: April 21, 2013 at 9:00 am

LOVE!!! Especially the doggy picture :)