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September 2013



How To Get Rid Of The White Film Residue On Your Dishes

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Like most Asians, I did not grow up using the dishwasher. But I’ve been slowly using it more and more ever since I graduated college and now I LOVE my dishwasher. Not only does it make washing dishes easier, it just feels more sanitary to me. But for the past year, whenever I used my dishwasher I started noticing I would sometimes get a white residue on all of my glasses/dishware. It was soooo annoying since sometimes I would have to hand wash things that were supposed to be clean from the dishwasher! I did some research and figured out it had to do with my city’s hard water. I could fix that using a water softener, but I didn’t have the budget. I ended up buying some Glisten dishwasher cleaner.

It worked well but after a few washes the white stuff started coming back! I was starting to get really frustrated because I didn’t really want to use Glisten EVERY time I washed my dishes! It would definitely start to add up.

One day I was cleaning out my email box when I happened upon a link that I had sent myself to read later but totally forgot about. The link was filled with suggestions on how to get rid of the white residue from your dishes! One simple solution that many people recommended was to use plain old white vinegar. So I tried it out and lo and behold….IT WORKS!!! My dishes were sparkling clean. No residue, no spots. And don’t worry…no smell either!! So if you have the same problem as me, try the vinegar trick for a cheap and easy solution. You can either just pour a small amount at the bottom of your dishwasher or pour it into a small bowl/cup and set it in the top rack. Then run your dishwasher like normal.

Clean dishes make me so happy…so I had to share!!!