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January 2017



A Life Changing Tumbler

Sometimes you come across a product that is a small change in your life but makes it so much better! This is one of those products :)

A few months back my sister posted on FB if anyone wanted to buy a Yeti-like tumbler that was part of a fundraiser for my nephew’s school. Being the supportive aunt that I am, I said yes even though I never ever use tumblers. This past Christmas she gave me the tumbler when she visited and I have been using it ever since!

For the past several years, I have been trying to drink more and more water and less sugary drinks. But the fact is, I don’t like water. So I would always struggle with drinking enough water. I started using the Sodastream and True Lemon which helped a lot with taste but in actuality it’s hard to drink a lot of a fizzy drink. Sometimes I would drink tea, but I would get lazy about heating up the water and constantly refilling my 8 oz mug. And it would get cold so super fast!!

This 30oz tumbler was the solution I was looking for! I fill it up at the beginning of my day and sip on it throughout my workday and it is able to keep the the tea warm ALL DAY (well at least while I am at work). It’s amazing. I am in love. I don’t know the exact brand of this tumbler but I was looking on Amazon and there is another very highly rated “Yeti-like” tumbler that looks exactly like mine. It’s probably the same! So I highly recommend this to anyone who might have the same problems as me!

The only thing that would make this tumbler better is if it was dishwasher safe but honestly the mouth is so wide and the lid is super simple that it’s super easy to clean. I don’t even mind handwashing it, unlike other thermoses I have bought!

Here is the link to the thermos on Amazon: RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler