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January 2017



Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I got a Paper Source catalog in the mail and was flipping through at all of the cute gift ideas they had. Paper Source is so expensive though, I found most of the items on Amazon for half price! But Paper Source sure does a good job of making everything look so adorable :) I love gifting a surprise bag filled with cheesy/funny/loving gifts for my husband, my kids, and my friends! I thought I would round up some of my faves here:

My Bucketlist – I seriously want this book for myself! It has blank pages along with prompts, ideas, and places for you to keep pictures of completed bucket list items. And if you can stand the cheese, you can pair it with a “You Are My Bucket List” card! :)

Unicorn Rescue Kit – Also comes in different animals but I know my daughter who loves unicorns would get a kick out of this! Did you know unicorns can “change nightmares to good dreams, heal paper cuts, and re-carbonate flat soda?”. So cute!

Invisible Ink Pens!! This would be fun to jot a love note with.

Sound effect machine – I am pretty sure my 2 year old son would LOVE THIS.

The 5 Minute Journal – I have always loved blogging, journaling, etc but as you can tell for the past few years I just didn’t have the time! I love the premise behind this and if I didn’t have a few other journals like this going I would jump on this one!

Yes, speaking of these short, daily type journals, my cousin got me the best one for Christmas this past year. It is the Our Q&A a Day: 3 Year Journal For 2 People. I had never thought of doing one with boyrobot but this has been SO fun for us to fill out! With our kids the age that they are, sometimes our relationship gets put on the backburner just because we don’t have time. This book has made us take a few minutes out of our day to think about each other, to learn more about each other, and to spark conversations I would never think of having with my husband. It’s just the perfect book for this time in our lives. I can’t highly recommend it enough :) I also have the same one for moms and love it as well. I should probably go ahead and buy the kid’s one so I can start asking the kid’s questions!

Cute beauty products – There’s a whole range of cute animal themed beauty products on Amazon and I seriously love them all. They are mostly from Japan or Korea. Fun!