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Archive for category Health/Diet/Recipes

Martha Stewart’s 28 Day Challenge

Once again, I’m totally addicted to trying things that are supposed to change my life and make me a better person. In other words, following an outlined plan that involves eating really crappy food and doing exercises that totally suck. ha ha. I started on this because I read about Bon Apetit’s “foodie detox” through […]

Green Monster Movement

I was just thinking about how I can get more greens into my and boyrobot’s diet. Boyrobot barely eats any veggies and although I don’t mind it, I’m almost always caught choosing french fries rather than steamed veggies as my side :P (So bad I know!) And then I started reading about all of these […]

Homemade Chicken Broth

So I did it! Well I am in the process of doing it. I finally made chicken broth from scratch. It’s actually very easy and not that much of an accomplishment but I really wanted to try making it at least once. I used this recipe from the Soup Chick because originally I was going […]

30 Habits For The New Year

Wow. I can’t believe it’s 2011! Each year, I like to make new year’s resolutions. Sadly, they rarely come through but for at least the first few months I attempt at bettering myself so that’s better than nothing I guess. :) My top resolutions this year are to: 1. prioritize my life better so I […]

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Over the years, thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays. I just love to cook and eat and this holiday is all about that. (and of course giving thanks! :P) Although, I don’t think I’ll get to throw our annual Thanksgiving feast/potluck that we do with our friends this year because of work (boo!)…I […]

Happy Halloween!!!!

I’m so happy I got to be home for our very first halloween in our new house. Even though I only had a few days to decorate, I made the most of my time I think. This was the very first time boyrobot and I carved pumpkins. We had so much fun doing it that […]

Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

I just found an exercise video that I actually enjoy! I mean as much as I can enjoy an exercise video. :P I think I like it because it’s only 20 mins long and the moves are not too hard. At first, I experienced some knee pain but the more I did it the better […]

sandwiches times, sandwiches on my mind

I go through food phases where I eat one thing straight for like a week and then I get really sick of it. Right now I am obsessed with sandwiches. I just had a pimiento cheese and spinach sandwich. yum! i’ve also been eating all of my sandwiches with whole grain bread. healthy! other sandwiches […]

Safe Sunscreen

So everywhere we go we are hearing WEAR SUNSCREEN but did you know it turns out that only 8% of the sunscreens out there are even “safe”???? I checked my favorite sunscreen that I always use, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch, and was disappointed to see it was rated a 7 which is in the […]

Pityriasis Rosea and Picnics

So…to add to the long list of things that are wrong with me, I developed pityriasis rosea awhile ago. Yeah, don’t google it because it is gross. Trust me on this one. Luckily the really bad parts of my body are covered up so no one really knows I’m suffering from this skin disease unless […]