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October 2006



300 Trailer & The Departed

I got to see the 300 trailer this past weekend before the movie The Departed. Wow! It’s so beautiful. If you haven’t seen it, check it out at The movie is based on the Battle of Thermopylae where 300 Spartan warriors fought the entire Persian army in a suicide mission to buy Greece time to prepare for the Persian invasion. If the look and feel of the movie seems familiar, think Frank Miller (Sin City).

300 The Movie

As for the movie The Departed, I thought it was ok. I think it’s more of a guy movie as every guy seems to absolutely LOVE the movie. I think it kind of got ruined for me because my friends made it seem like there would be a twist so I kept waiting for a huge twist at the end. Instead, (warning, spoilers ahead!!) everybody just got shot. I also absolutely hate mark wahlberg. I don’t know why but he bugs me to no end. And despite him having the best lines in the movie, it just bothered me that he was the one saying them. Haha. So yeah, I can’t believe this movie has gotten such astounding reviews including many people saying it’s “Movie of the Year”. Oh, and another part that really bugged me was when Leonardo gave the psychologist girl the envelope and told her to open it when he died. Well, he died and they never showed her opening it. WTF was in the envelope!! I guess it was probably evidence that Matt Damon was “bad” but still, I would just like to know. Otherwise what was the point of that scene? I think I also would have liked it better if they followed the chinese version of the movie and let Matt Damon live.

Jack Nicholson rules though.



Comment from che
Posted: October 11, 2006 at 4:09 pm

ive been wanting to watch the departed!!! i stopped reading because you said you had spoilers, haha… but im more of a “guy movie” girl than a “girl movie” gal so i think im really gonna enjoy this one! im a fan of all the major actors (yes, this includes mark wahlberg whom i remember you mentioning you don’t like). im gonna see it tomorrow! woo hoo!

Comment from che
Posted: October 13, 2006 at 6:15 pm

ok, now that i’ve seen the movie (which i LURVED!), i read after your spoiler warning… i think im still completely opposite from you when it comes to mr marky mark. he was my favorite character! haha

and as for the scene when leo gives the girl the envelope, i think it was his copy of the contract that he made w/ wahlberg and sheen (the only evidence left of him being a real undercover cop) because how else did wahlberg find out that damon was the rat at the end? only leo and the girl knew, so the girl must have known to contact wahlberg who then in turn, after finding out, shot damon. phew! i hope that makes sense and i hope that’s what it really was, haha

Comment from Ferreson.Michael.Me
Posted: October 20, 2006 at 4:52 pm

I completely agree with you about the envelope. To me that felt like one of those occasions in a movie where they start some mysterious plot line, but they forget to finish it, and just hope that no one in the audience remembers it. I kept thinking, why didn’t they cut that scene if they weren’t going to come back to that plot later, and was thinking because they wanted to keep the emotional impact of the last time Leo sees the girl but the movie was getting too long to leave in any follow up scenes to it. Maybe we’ll find out on the DVD! Damn bonus features. Probably, now, they intentionally leave movies obscure so that we can buy the DVD to understand them later. ;) haha.