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Archive for category Tips/Tricks/Hacks

How To Get Rid Of The White Film Residue On Your Dishes

***If you are a parent interested in hot deals and saving money, join my Facebook group Hot Deals For Parents! Like most Asians, I did not grow up using the dishwasher. But I’ve been slowly using it more and more ever since I graduated college and now I LOVE my dishwasher. Not only does it […]

10 Summer Hacks

I’ve seen most of these hacks but there were a few new ones that I liked like the chip bag and the water bottle!

DIY Laundry Detergent

I’ve seriously been debating making my own laundry detergent. I keep seeing recipes everywhere and how much cheaper it is! Ever since Emma was born I’ve been very careful with what kind of laundry detergent I buy. Those eco/natural detergents get to be very expensive! The hardest part about making your own laundry detergent is […]

Yes I’m Still Alive & Some Tips

I thought I would have time to update this blog more while on maternity leave but nope…I don’t know how stay at home mothers do it…! If I’m not playing with Emma, I’m changing her diaper. Or nursing her. Or trying to get her to sleep (which can sometimes take awhile!) And then I’m lucky […]

If This Than That (ifttt)

Just discovered this cool website called ifttt. It uses different internet feeds to automate useful tasks for you. For example, you can have any facebook photos that you are tagged in automatically downloaded, get an email or text message if it’s going to rain that day, or even send a text message that will call […]

Dishwasher Detergent & Other Cheap Recs

In this latest Consumer Reports article I recently read, they tested dishwasher detergents. Since moving into my house, I’ve started using the dishwasher. I love it but I am not a fan of the dishwasher detergent I am currently using….one of those Cascade gel ones. (No wonder it was a hot deal!) I guess a […]

Fitted Sheets Again?

Yes…I had to post about this again because this video does such a good job of showing you that method I posted about before on how to fold a fitted sheet!

My Favorite Uses For Coffee Filters

I rarely drink or make my own coffee but I always have a pack of coffee filters on hand. In some cases, I can use them in place of a paper towel for so much cheaper! I buy mine from the $1 store for a pack of 1000. Here are some of the random things […]

Tips On Freezing

The worst part about cooking for 2 is all of the leftover ingredients you have. For instance, if I make a dessert with buttermilk in it, I almost always have an almost full carton of buttermilk that goes to waste! Or even certain fresh herbs or bread. Over the years, I keep getting tips on […]

Some Folding Tips

Since owning a house, I’m kind of obsessed with how I fold things. (I know. Weird, right?) I think I blogged about how to fold a fitted sheet before which I have been using up til now but to be honest, it still came out to be somewhat of a folded blob. Well recently I […]