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September 2017



Where I Post About Everything And Nothing At All

I have 10 million things I need to post about including the following and more:

1. Boyrobot and I have been married for 8 years now! The obligatory blog post where I gush about what a great guy he is. How awesome marriage is (but also how hard!). Everything I have learned about marriage thus far. A recap of our marriage in the last year.

2. I turned 38. What I did for my bday this year. A recap of my past year. My goals for next year (who am I kidding? I never follow through lol). What I am thankful for list.

3. Travel hacking. I’m doing it and it’s awesome. So many fun trips planned including our family’s first international trip…to Italy!!!

4. Swimming lessons!!! I’m finally doing it and so excited to cross this off my bucket list. I told my teacher my goal is to swim laps and we’re almost there!

5. My little brother getting married. He’s the last one in our family!! We leave for Austin next week….so exciting!

6. Whole30 round 2. Yup, I’m doing it again! Well trying to at least. :)

7. Capsule Wardrobe. Finally did this too and it is the best thing I ever did!

8. I LEARNED HOW TO FOLD A FITTED SHEET AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE! One of these days I’ll share a tutorial! :)

9. Random posts about my kids. Because they’re funny and kind of cute sometimes.


Comment from Amy D
Posted: September 21, 2017 at 6:06 pm

Love it. A blog post on things you need to blog about lol.