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Archive for category Knowledge/News

Innocent And In Prison

The story of Ray Towler is fascinating and completely heartbreaking: DNA evidence releases man from life in prison after almost 30 years It makes me feel thankful for everything. for the little things especially. even for having a job to go to. And it reinforces my stance on the death penalty. This exact same scenario […]

i will be eating like an okinawan for the next 3 weeks

i am in florida for the rest of july and i decided while i’m out here i would follow a diet because i like restrictions and torturing myself. i just hope the local walmart/publix has enough healthy options so that i can follow this. oh, how i miss trader joe’s and whole foods! the healthiest […]

Why Are Kids So Mean?/Why Bullies Suck

There has been an onslaught of news about bullies in school. Reading these stories makes me truly sick to my stomach because honestly I’ve never witnessed such horrible kids in real life. Maybe it was because I grew up in Oklahoma, but I think my school was pretty nice. Sure there were the unpopular kids/loners […]

Haiti Stories And Links

I know we are being bombarded with everything that’s happened in Haiti but it really has been devastating to see what this natural disaster has done to what was already such a fragile country. Anything we can do to help is worth it and it’s been amazing how much people have donated already! A few […]

Some Fun Graphs And Charts

America With Or Without Reform

More about this chart here.

Learn Something Every Day

This website is so cute! A new drawing/factoid is posted every day: Check out the rest here at Learn Something Every Day.

Map Of Power Plugs And Sockets Around The World

If you travel a lot, this is a very handy diagram to bookmark. It shows you the different power plugs and sockets from around the world. You can view a bigger version here. And if you’re looking to buy some plug adapters….here is a hot deal for a 3 piece set for 15.99!

Massive Pig Summarizes The US Healthcare Debate

Here’s a video on the US healthcare debate which is pretty hot right now especially with that whole Joe Wilson debacle. I think the whole healthcare issue is pretty confusing but I definitely know something is wrong with ours. If you’ve ever had any kind of medical condition or had major medical work done you’ll […]

PSA: Driving Etiquette

This is for all of the people who don’t know how to drive!! Forward it to your friends as some people are ignorant to the “rules” of driving. Be a considerate driver and maybe we can improve traffic everywhere!! Feel free to add to this list with a comment to this post or share it […]