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GoT Withdrawal

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? It’s the only tv show I watch so I am really missing it. Just saw this link for the 20 Funniest Twitter Reactions to ‘Game of Thrones’. Hilarious!

Emma’s 1 Year Birthday Questions

This is a pinterest pin: 20 Questions to ask kids every year on their birthdays Since Emma can’t talk yet, I’ll try to answer the best I can…so it *might* be a little biased…haha 1. What is your favorite color? red (Emma always reaches for red things we noticed!) 2. What is your favorite toy? […]

Madison The 5 Year Old Makeup Guru

It’s scary how much time I have spent watching this little girl’s makeup videos (just ask boyrobot ha ha). She puts on makeup better than me! If you’ve ever watched those other makeup youtube videos, you’ll find this so hilarious like I did! She is so ADORBZ! And before you get critical of her parents…it’s […]

Best Wedding Ever?

I’ve posted some wedding proposals that have blown me away but this is the first wedding that I just thought was the sweetest thing ever. This groom surprised his gf with a whole wedding! He secretly had the gf plan her own wedding by asking her opinions about random wedding questions and implemented the whole […]

Holding Doors Open

omg. The last one happens to me almost weekly at work! and then I feel the need to do it to other people or else I wonder if they think I’m being rude if I don’t. vicious cycle.

A Video Post

This post is for my friend Mike (you better subscribe to my blog!!). Coning is the new planking this has been making the rounds but my friend Mike complains about missing out on these popular vids so this one is for him This video of a boy catching his first fish is ADORABLE.

Kids On Osama

This is so cute and hilarious! “He’s not from Pakistan” “Whaaa?”

Human Planet: The Douche

Among the progressive, forward thinking citizens there stands a great cancer, a type of human that has not evolved like the rest of the race….the Douche.

Cute Beluga Whale

ADORABLE. An inquisitive beluga whale ends up with a squashed nose as it tries to get closer to visitors at an aquarium. The curious creature swam straight at the glass when he spotted people watching him from the other side, flattening his nose and chin as he struggled to get a better look. The sight […]

I Can’t Wait For Human Planet

In case you haven’t heard of Human Planet, it is by the same people (BBC) who brought you The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, and Life. This time they are focusing on human beings. It is currently being shown in the UK and will be released internationally later on. I can’t wait!!