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Archive for category Shop/Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I got a Paper Source catalog in the mail and was flipping through at all of the cute gift ideas they had. Paper Source is so expensive though, I found most of the items on Amazon for half price! But Paper Source sure does a good job of making everything look so adorable :) I […]

Geekifying My Kids

Even though I am not a hardcore Star Wars fan, I enjoy the movies. It is definitely one of the more memorable movies from my childhood. And of course I love all of the robots that are in the movies! We introduced Star Wars to Emma awhile ago and she seemed to really like it. […]

A Life Changing Tumbler

Sometimes you come across a product that is a small change in your life but makes it so much better! This is one of those products :) A few months back my sister posted on FB if anyone wanted to buy a Yeti-like tumbler that was part of a fundraiser for my nephew’s school. Being […]

Girlrobot Loves No. 1

Starting a new series on here…my current faves! 1. Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Oils – I got a set of black and white truffle oils through a Groupon deal. I’ve been putting this stuff on everything and it’s SO good. Just putting it on my eggs brings it to another level. I’ve also been drizzling it […]

Things I Want Right Now

this pocky iphone cozy! i’m kind of tired of using my bumper and this would be so perfect as a case! love my pocky! love my iphone! and this huckleberry finn iphone dock. to replace the real books that i’ve stopped reading since i got an iphone/ipad :) onto some non-iphone stuff… the next one […]

Ugly Xmas Sweater Tshirt

This is awesome. I am adding it to my Xmas wishlist. Ugly Xmas Sweater Tshirt – $20

california cheese

omg! if only i entertained more. or even ate that much cheese. i might be able to justify getting this. oh well there are other states too. this would make a great housewarming gift!

I Need/Want This – Self Watering Planter

I’m still on my gardening kick! Check out my baby basil plant that I just started: This is so exciting for a girl with a black thumb such as myself. These were just SEEDS not a week ago! And now they are already growing green leaves. How awesome! The biggest problem I have is knowing […]

Cool Salt & Pepper Shakers

Here are some cool salt and pepper shakers i found while shopping for my own home Balance salt and pepper shaker – these are so elegant looking! mustache salt and pepper shaker – ahhh, my love for all things mustache Lola Goldstein salt and pepper shakers – sooo cute! too bad they are not for […]

Valentine’s Day Crafts & Printable Cards

A few cute freebies to hand our or make for Valentine’s Day Cute packaging for rock candy! 30 printable valentines – I love the ones from style crush! Quick and easy Trader Joe’s Valentine’s Day meals – what girl doesn’t love it when a guy cooks for her! Valentine’s Day tissue cozies