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December 2006



Top 10 Cheap Gifts For Your Techy Coworkers

I work with a team of software engineers consisting of 8 males and females. Every year for christmas we exchange cards/small gifts. I try to be thoughtful and creative with my gifts without breaking my wallet since I have so many gifts to buy. Here are some of the things I gave or think would have been cool to give, all averaging around $5. If you are looking to give out gifts at work without spending a fortune, check out this list:

1. Monitor/Screen Cleaners – If you’re a tech geek you are most likely staring at a computer screen all day long. Everybody hates a dusty screen so give your coworker one of these cute monitor cleaners! I found them for $5 at Bed Bath and Beyond. If they are too girly for the guys they sell countless more “boring” screen cleaners as well.

2. Worst Case Scenario Game (Work Version) – Who knew the popular Worst Case Scenario series has a version for Work! Here is the game description:

Be prepared to survive any workday worst-case scenario. From dealing with a boss who’s a control freak to stopping an overflowing toilet in the executive bathroom, you’ll have fun learning to survive the worst that comes with your job.

I found these on sale again at BBB for $2.99!

3. Mini Flashlight – So I was told by a lot of geeky guys that they all have some weird obsession with flashlights! You can find these ranging from 3 to 7 dollars at most stores like Target or even BBB. They are perfect to keep in the glove compartment in your car or on your desk. You never know when you’ll need a mini flashlight!

4. Dog Cable Fix – A cute way to organize your mouse’s cable and perfect for your dog loving nerdy coworker!

$6 at the Perpetual Kid

5. Gwins – Any geek will appreciate this open source icon.

$3.99 at ThinkGeek

6. Keyboard Brush – To go along with the screen cleaner they also make these cute keyboard brushes with cute faces on them! As a geek I have to admit one of my pet peeves is all of the dust that collects in my keyboard. grrr! hehe

$5 at Compact Impact

7. Starbucks Gift Coupons – Ok, I have this trick where I bid for these on Ebay (search for Starbucks coupons). I usually get them in bulk for about $2 to $2.50 a coupon.. They are worth way more than that because the coupon will work for ANY drink ANY size. Include these with your christmas card and you have yourself a nice treat for your coffee drinking coworker!

8. Geeky Chocolates or Candy – All geeks love sugar. Try giving them these cool looking computer chocolates or something as basic as a small box of Nerds.

$3-$10 at Computer Chocolate Novelties

9. The Cubes Motivational Speaker – Help the morale of your coworkers by giving them their own motivational speaker action figure.

$3.99 at KlearGear

10. Stress Toys – I know in my group that sometimes stress levels can run high. Any hardworking employee could use a stress ball at times like these.

Here’s a cool one for $2.99 also at KlearGear

You can also find your own version of these things at your local Walmart or specialty store. It’s not that hard to be thrifty and creative in your gift giving!


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Comment from suki
Posted: December 18, 2006 at 10:49 pm

Those screen cleaners are freakin’ AWESOME. :)

Comment from Amy
Posted: December 20, 2006 at 10:42 pm

Hehe, computer choclates! Love it.

Comment from mouse
Posted: December 22, 2006 at 11:19 am

i can definitely use that keyboard brush

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