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August 2007



Yahoo Farechase/My Trip To Orlando

I’m always on the lookout for cheap airfare. For awhile now, I’ve been using exclusively since I consistently find the best prices with them. Now, I’ve found another tool that I will probably have to check as well, Yahoo Farechase. The cool thing about Yahoo Farechase is that if you are buying a roundtrip ticket, they do not restrict your to/from tickets to the same airline. In other words, if they find a cheaper ticket where you fly to your destination on United but fly back with American, they will book that rather than sticking with one airline. I noticed sometimes it would cut my airfare price in half this way! Anyways, I highly recommend this if you are looking for cheap tickets!

BTW, I’ve been on travel for the past week for work. I’m in sunny and hot Cocoa Beach/Orlando, FL. Aside from the weather, this is such a beautiful and fun city to visit! If you don’t mind the crowds, there is sooo much to eat and do here. There are tons of seafood restaurants and I got to try my first rock shrimp…mmmmm! And also frog legs and fried alligator! I could do without the frog legs (middle).

I should have taken a pic of them held up so you can actually see the legs. They looked so gross!

There are also a lot of different theme parks…from the big names: Disney World, Universal Studios to more niche parks like Gatorland (which I went to) and even Holyland (a theme park about Jesus haha!).

This is also the future location of the Harry Potter Theme Park which I am definitely going to since there is so much here I still want to do that I have to go back. The most fun thing I’ve done so far is Skyventure which is like indoor sky diving. Wow! I got to fly in a wind tunnel at speeds of 120mph+. It was FUN and probably the closet thing I’ll get to flying. The best part was when the instructor would do tricks with you and he lets you spin 360 degrees around the tunnel really fast while going up and down. It was crazyyyyyyyy! I highly recommend this activity if you’re out in Orlando. The only bad part is it was 45 bucks for 2 minutes of fly time but since you can’t really experience this anywhere else and it really is unlike anything else, I think it’s worth it! I also had a 10 dollar off coupon so my experience was only 35 bucks :) But don’t worry, the 2 minutes feels longer than it is and you’re literally flying and zooming around the air!

Some pics from Gatorland (I’ll upload more later):

They not only have tons of alligators but all different kinds of birds, snakes, turkeys, goats, deer, and other crazy animals. This is one of the prettiest/colorful birds I’ve seen!

My favorite alligaotor, this guy is HUGE AND SCARY! I was sooo close but luckily behind a wire screen.

Yes, my fave until I read this about him…

I have a lot more pics which I’ll upload when I get back!


Comment from yangbot
Posted: August 20, 2007 at 2:10 pm

oooh can’t wait for the Harry Potter theme park! I still want to plan a trip to check out Disneyworld!

Comment from dis
Posted: August 20, 2007 at 7:04 pm

kermit taste like chicken. its all in ur head

Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: August 20, 2007 at 8:23 pm

No, you can’t use those search for best ticket price things, they are all a scam. You can always get the cheapest fare by going directly to a specific website of an airline. I just checked for some of the trips I already have tickets for, and they were all considerably more expensive on your thing.

Just open up 4 windows, and go to united, SW, jetblue, and whatever, and enter you’re info, and you’ll get a better price. And ALWAYS get overseas tix from an agency located in the country you’re going to, it will cut the price in half.