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October 2008



How To Get Rid Of Viruses

3 days later and I’m FINALLY rid of my virus. I was on the brink of reformatting my computer, throwing it against a wall, or finally breaking down and buying an apple. ARGH. This was the nastiest thing I’ve ever had on my computer. I would get rid of it only to have it come back. And each time it rendered my computer useless. My whole desktop including start bar would blink and in about 5 minutes everything would disappear. Every once in awhile I would get a blue screen. Other times I would get a popup telling me to buy Antivirus 2009. Yeah….I didn’t do that. It turned out I had some variant of the Vundo virus. And after dling about 10 different antiviruses and trying 10 million different things including messing with my registry, this single webpage saved the day: That Computer Guy’s Help Forum (seriously, you should be bookmarking this page right now!!)

I think my initial problem was I kept googling my exact symptoms but it turns out that Vundo evolves and is always changing. So a fix that worked in the past, might not work now. At least that’s what I was running into. But I followed the steps outlined in that forum and it worked! My computer, I believe, is cleancleanclean. YAY. I’m sooooooooo happy!

So I’ll commence my regular posting tomorrow…sorry for the delay. I was literally spending every free moment I had on this (which isn’t very much to begin with). I’ll be back just in time for Friday Links!


Comment from flipbot
Posted: October 16, 2008 at 2:50 pm

i had no idea! You could have asked me for advice.

Comment from Braden
Posted: October 21, 2008 at 3:15 am

Personally, I never believed in using a compromised computer, even it if it’s been cleaned off. I always rebuild. Rebuilding is made easier if you use Acronis True Image. If my machine suffers from a hardware failure, virus, etc., I can simply “restore” to a bare metal image which gets me up and running again in about 10 minutes. Acronis is well well worth the 50 bucks.

Comment from Spy
Posted: October 22, 2008 at 5:26 am

My computer is trustworthy
I had a long time problem sharing data with my friends through my pendrive which is the most widely used data transfer device. All my friends started stepping back when I needed some data from their computer as my pendrive was infected by a trojan. But after installing your software search-and-destroy things changed… It detected all the viruses which other softwares could not do. Soon my pendrive and computer became free from the trojan.