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November 2008



How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

I started reading this new blog recently called I Will Teach You How To Be Rich. Every day he posts a way to save a small amount of money. Over time, all of this money you’ve saved should start to add up. Most of the things he posts about I already do/know but I thought his latest post on car insurance was really helpful since this is one of those areas that I feel like I don’t know much about.

His tips include knowing what kind of coverage you need, providing phone numbers for all of the major car insurance companies so you can shop around for prices, and including a list of questions to ask. All of this info is super helpful and will be sure to save you some money on your car insurance! Check out the rest of his blog if you’re looking for other ways to save money as well.


Comment from Hakushaku
Posted: November 26, 2008 at 9:57 am

I don’t know wether to be proud or very very sad that I ALREADY do everything he recommends just on instincft…and I still have no money.

Tip #1: Pack lunches for the rest of the week (Wife already does this)
Tip #2: Turn your thermostat down 3 degrees ( I don’t even HAVE heat!)
Tip #3: Sell something on eBay today (and let them take commission? Sell to a hobo, I say!)
Tip #4: Involve your friends in your savings challenge (I’m a lawyer, we don’t have friends)
Tip #5: Optimize your cellphone bill (already have cheapest one offered)
Tip #6: Use gas prices to become your own hedge fund (no car!)
Tip #7: Create a “No Spending” day once a week (I have no spending MONTHS)
Tip #8: Implement the A La Carte Method (no subscriptions!)
Tip #9: Only buy new things when replacing something old (I buy old things to replace only things on fire)
Tip #10: Use the free rewards from your credit card, car insurance, and workplace (….duh!)
Tip #11: Never pay full retail price for clothes or eyeglasses again (don’t buy clothes, lost my glasses in a brothel in Osaka)
Tip #12: How I’m saving $2,000+ on eating out in 2009 (meh)
Tip #13: How to negotiate your car insurance (what car?)
Tip #14: Use self-persuasion to share how much you’ve saved so far (sharing is for the birds)
Tip #15: Forget going to a bar — ask people over for dinner (you go to hell, sir)
Tip #16: Cancel any large purchase this month (like what, my electric bill?)
Tip #17: Buy generic for the stuff you don’t care about (I can’t even afford generic. I have to buy IMPOSTER generic)
Tip #18: No Christmas gifts this year

(alright, jesus, how far are we going to take this? I mean these suggestions all seem to be of the “stop spending money on shit” family. But now I have to cancel christmas, huh? How about I just stop wearing pants at all times, save on my dry cleaning? Or I could rent our my apartment and my wife and I can live in a van down by the river. Or eat only gruel. I mean come on, its F-ing Christmas. Buy your dad a shitty tie you cheapskate!)

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: November 26, 2008 at 6:59 pm

Who needs other comments when I have you Hakushaku? :)

Comment from Janna
Posted: February 12, 2009 at 12:46 pm

Hi Kim,
I’m working with Ramit Sethi of and he pointed me to this post.

Couple of things I wanted to ask you:

1. Ramit just put out a private video on automating your finances and we wanted to send it to you as a thank-you.
2. His new book is coming out, and we are inviting folks to pre-order the book (it’s about $10) in the next few days. They will get 6 chapters by PDF before anyone else, plus entry into a private community with premium content. Can I send you some more info and the link to the video? If yes, please drop me a line as soon as possible. Thanks!…jms