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September 2009



Jetnet Hosting Problems

I really need a new web host. Any recommendations???

I used to LOVE my hosting service….jet net hosting. If you read reviews about them, people were always talking about what great customer service they had and I totally agreed. Whenever I had a problem, I would submit a problem ticket and it would get solved in a matter of minutes. They really seemed like they cared about their customers and keeping them happy. The owner of the company even once gave me a customer appreciation gift of extra disk space! I’ve been using them for a few years now and whenever people asked me for a web hosting recommendation I would wholeheartedly suggest them. I’ve also used them for the other websites I’ve been running in the past year.

In the past month, the company has done a 180 for me. It all started when their server got hacked and a bunch of websites, including mine, were down for a whole weekend. I didn’t mind too much because I understand that sometimes these things happen. There were a few more outages, but again….I let it pass because they have been so great in the past.

Earlier this month, I decided to cancel one of my websites because I just did not have the time to upkeep it and I wanted to concentrate more on building up I sent in the ticket to have it canceled and promptly received confirmation that it was canceled. This was the day before payment was due. Unfortunately, my paypal subscription for the web hosting still went through and so I ended up paying for the canceled service. No big deal, right? After I got the payment receipt I immediately emailed the billing department at Jetnet hosting dreamhost reviews to explain my situation. I waited a few days and got no response.

Strange. So I decided I’ll just open up a ticket and a hostgator coupon since you can open up problem tickets for billing issues as well. I figured since I have always gotten quick responses through their ticket system this would be the same. Again, I explained my situation and sent off my ticket. I got confirmation that they had received my ticket and waited a few more days. After waiting several days again, I decided to click on the ticket link to see if maybe I had missed their response. When I clicked on the link, it said that the ticket did not exist. My ticket was deleted???

I thought maybe it was just something screwy with their system so I opened up ANOTHER ticket. I wait a few days and I get an email that says something to the effect of “This is a notification to let you know that we are changing the status of your ticket #499199 to Closed as we have not received a response from you in over 24 hours.” A response?? I haven’t even gotten a reply from them….how am I supposed to respond? So I shoot them another email and say exactly that. What am I supposed to be responding to? I FINALLY get a response but guess what it ends up saying?

hello, why did you want to cancel? Just reload your site and everything will be great

W.T.F. I was like what is he talking about. I explain to him again that I have already canceled and that I just want my money back. BTW, the amount I am owed is just $25!!! I think maybe he thinks since the amount is so little that maybe I’ll just forget about it. DUDE. I’m asian. And besides, it’s the principle of it all. In my response, I also spell out my situation again. As if I am talking to a 3rd grader. So he will understand me. And I wait for his response.

Of course I don’t get one for a couple of days, but when I do…guess what it says:

This is a notification to let you know that we are changing the status of your ticket #499199 to Closed as we have not received a response from you in over 24 hours.

I reply again that I have not gotten a response to reply to (this opens the ticket again) and proceed to do this about 3 more times. I also email their main email address with which the owner usually sends out his emails from and I have always had better luck with the owner who has always seemed like the nicest guy. I also opened a ticket with the technical support system hoping I would get somebody, anybody to respond to me. But of course I get no response.

So over this past weekend, on one of my replies to their attempts of closing my ticket, I finally got another response! When I read this one, I was half crying/laughing at the ridiculous of it all:

please calm down, we are here but we werent here over weekend for sales and billing

Sometimes don’t you wish you could reach through the internet and strangle someone??? By the way, all of these exchanges are with the same idiot: Nathan O. I guess they have fired all of their other support people. I don’t know. I tried every avenue possible and he is always the one that responds. I’ve tried different hours of the day and still nothing! ARAGAOIHGAOSIDFJAOISJDFOASIJFD.

Anyways, I respond to him and tell him that up until now I WAS calm and actually very patient. But his last message put me over the edge because seriously….he is telling me to calm down….and that they can’t respond to my msges over the weekend BUT HE JUST RESPONDED TO ME. AND I HAVE BEEN EMAILING THEM FOR WEEKS. HAS THEIR SALES AND BILLING BEEN DOWN FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

Ok, I was much more calm than that. But do you get what I’m saying? What do you guys think? Should I calm down? And of course, since sending that last message I of course haven’t received a response. Even though it’s MONDAY AND THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN OPEN ALL DAY TO RESPOND TO TICKETS.

Oh and their phone support has been disconnected. Bad sign, right?

So yes. Now I am looking for a new webhost. Thank god’s contract is expiring in November. And don’t worry, I have made backups of my website in case Nathan O reads this. I’m not 100% sure he knows how to read though so I’m not very worried.

For now, I think I am going to keep responding to my ticket so they can’t say they haven’t heard from me every 24 hrs and CLOSE IT. I can’t wait to see what Nathan is going to say to me next,


Comment from Uncle Doug
Posted: September 29, 2009 at 8:09 am

This is too funny. Since your contract will be expired in November, I would like to see if you can open a new ticket (and respond to the old ones) every 24 hours until you get the refund from them. I’ll pay you $25 if they don’t refund you after 25 tickets.

Comment from che
Posted: September 29, 2009 at 12:12 pm

“As if I am talking to a 3rd grader” lol. that nathan o guy sounds like a real inconsiderate a-hole. NOT the kind of guy that you want running your customer service. the one i use is the former but now is so far i haven’t really had any problems but i figured id let you know what i have in case you were shopping around.

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: September 29, 2009 at 5:06 pm

Uncle Doug – I think I will do that and see what happens! hehe

Cheryl – thanks for the rec

Comment from Heather – Dollar Store Crafts
Posted: September 29, 2009 at 6:00 pm

Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad CRAFT could bring us together! We use Lunar Pages, and have been pretty happy with it! I think hosting starts about about $5/month:

Okay, I’m off to check out the rest of your blog! :)


Comment from Q
Posted: September 29, 2009 at 7:10 pm

wow…that’s pretty funny! Yeah I do think it is time to switch over to a new server…if you do, can I still tag along? I thought of a new name for my blog…Nha22, what do you think? (…and I promise to be more diligent about updating it too)

Comment from girlrobot
Posted: September 29, 2009 at 11:01 pm

of course quynh….but what is behind the name nha22?